Vijay TV’s Airtel Super Singer 3 LIVE on 23 September 2011 at Chennai Trade Centre

Airtel Super Singer 3 LIVE on 23 September 2011 at Chennai Trade Centre

Airtel Super Singer 3 Live

Airtel Super Singer 3 Live

They have made the viewers sit glued to the television… They have risen to fame with their exceptional singing talent. They are none other than the finalists of the most popular reality voice hunt Airtel Super Singer 3 on Vijay TV.  The show has reached its last leg and the finalists Sathyaprakash (SS 01), Pooja (SS 02) Saicharan (SS 07), Santhosh (SS 05), would be fighting one last time.

In 2006; Nikhil Matthew was the first person to win the coveted title of Airtel Super Singer. Followed by Krishnamoorthy in 2007 for the Junior edition; Ajeesh in 2009 for the senior and Alka in 2010 in the 2nd edition for Juniors. Now the time has come to crown the winner of AIRTEL SUPER SINGER 3 in 2011..!! Who among the talented four finalists would win the prestigious title and walk away with a grand prize worth Rs. 40 lakhs..!!!

The pre- final rounds of Super Singer 3; would begin to air from September 14th; airing weekdays at 9pm. The four finalists would battle it out under various genres of singing. Viewers get to vote for their favorite contestant by SMS, IVR or Online; and the voting lines open from September 14th – 2200 hrs.

The final clash of the four finalists of Airtel Super Singer 3 would take place on September 23rd ; 6.30pm onward at Chennai Trade Center, Nadambakkam, Chennai in front of an audience of more than 10,000 and would  beam LIVE reaching its diehard fans across the country.

The grand finale would be graced by legendary music composers and popular musicians from the South music industry. Many special performances by eminent singers await the viewers as well. The stage is all set for these most talented performers to redefine their dreams. Once again it is the viewers of Tamilnadu who would be choosing the most deserving singer of Airtel Super Singer 3 through mobile and online voting. The Judges of the show singers Sujatha, Srinivas and Unnikrishnan also would be seen to encourage and judge the talented young contestants.

Airtel Super Singer 3 Voting mechanism:

Airtel subscribers can call 5432178 from their mobile phone.

Viewers can SMS SS XX to 57827 and cast their vote for the deserving and talented singer (XX-being the contestant’s number)

Apart from this, viewers can also login to and cast their vote.

Voting lines are open from Wednesday, September 14th 10 pm and will continue to be open during the LIVE performances on September 23rd

This excitement of music will be LIVE on Friday, September 23, 2011, starting 6:30pm. Viewers do not miss to watch your favorite super singer perform for the coveted title one last time.

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46 Responses

  1. suresh says:

    My family and me are regular watcher of airtel super singer programme and watch every episode the most irritating is your lady host bhavna who talks stupid and asks embarrsing question to all the Participants your gent host makappas which she addresses is standing like a dumbo and gets insulted during every episode and even at grand finale when they are hosting where almost half the world are watching and with great and eminet singers of india are sitting around she does not know to talk and she is too loud i dont know it is scripted or she does it on her own ur director of the episode to look into it and propably change the lady host, your everyother serials and progammes are too good we are from mumbai we love the way mr. gopinath hosts his progammes specially neeya nana very knowledgeable we learn new thing from his programme gopi sir keep it up. thanks

  2. agnes says:

    vote for santhosh

  3. agnes says:

    My vote is for santhosh

  4. deekshi says:

    my vote is for ss07 sai saran

  5. Priyadharshini.T says:

    My Vote For Saisaran

  6. Vinothkumar.P says:

    My Vote for Saisaran

  7. nithyanandan.R says:

    My Vote for my Favourite singer saisaran

  8. Mahesh Kumar says:

    my vote is for sai charan SS 07

  9. jeya says:

    my vote is for pooja

  10. deepika says:

    my vote for saicharan….

  11. vincy says:

    my vote for saicharan

  12. saran raj says:

    sai saran

  13. saran raj says:

    MY vote is for sai saran

  14. saran raj says:

    MY vote is for sai saran…i love him too much ..I like his confidence… From airtel super singer juniour……..All the best sai saran

  15. Bindhu says:

    My vote for is saicharan

  16. Bindhu says:

    My vote is pooja

  17. Pooja says:

    My vote is pooja

  18. KANIMOZHI says:


  19. meenaakshi says:

    i vote for ss007 sai charan

  20. Arun says:

    My vote is for Saicharan from NJ, USA. Good luck Sai.

  21. Vinodh says:

    My vote is for saicharan ss07 he sings good
    i pray to god that he should win

  22. Manisha says:

    My vote for Saicharan ss07

  23. Vinodh says:

    My vote for 07 SAICHARAN-THE BEST

  24. Manisha says:

    My vote for 07 SAICHARAN

  25. San Thurai. (Canada) says:

    My vote for Sathyapragash. He is a hero.

  26. mohamed ibrahim says:

    my vote for sai charan

  27. alex says:

    all the best poja

  28. alex says:

    my vote for poja
    ss 02

  29. thaslima says:

    my vote for pooja and all the best you win the title

  30. Gopinath says:

    My vote for santhosh. pls al vote to santhosh

  31. balamurugan says:

    vote for santhosh ss05

  32. Thaslima says:

    dear all,

    My vote for pooja…………………………………………

    All the best Pooja………………………………………

    you win the airtel super singer – 3 title

  33. manikandan says:

    my vote for satya prakash, all the best satya, god grace for you, thank you.

  34. manikandan says:

    my vote for saicharan,all the best sai,god grace for you,thank you.

  35. Thaslima says:

    My vote for Pooja………………………………………………..

    All the best Pooja………………………………………

  36. Thaslima says:

    My vote for Pooja……………………………………………………………………..

    All The Best Pooja …………………………………………………………………

  37. Arumugam says:

    My vote is for Santhosh SS 05

  38. akash says:

    My vote isto satyaprakash.he sings very nicely

  39. kriti says:

    my vote is for pooja. she is an excellent siinger.

  40. archana says:

    all the best saicharan here is my vote for u and i love ur mom a lot.she is a very good example for an excellent mother.

  41. 4U Santhosh says:

    Our vote comes to Santhosh, from Sri Lanka. All the very Best :)

  42. Nilaa says:

    My vote for pooja…

  43. my vote is for saicharan says:

    i vote for santhosh

  44. my vote is for saicharan says:

    saicharan gets my vote

  45. my vote is for saicharan says:

    my vote is for saicharan

  46. chella says:

    The judges i hope will be the wildcard round judges for the finals, otherwise again disputes might arise.Organisers pse change judges tks.I am sure voters will agree with me

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