Star Pravah Presents ‘Ambat Goad’ – Starting from 10th December 2012 Mon-Sat at 9 P.M

A new show with perfect combination of sweet family with tangy relationships

Ambat Goad

Ambat Goad

Ambat Goad – Starting from 10th December, 2012 Mon-Sat at 9pm

Mumbai, December,2012: Star Pravah – Maharashtra’s no.1 choice has been dishing out unique and engaging content to their beloved viewers continuously. A new Sweet-Spicy-Tangy receipe called ‘Ambat Goad’ will be added to this repertoire on 10th December at 9 pm.

This chatpata show is about a quirky yet lovable family of Vidhwavans. The grand house is also testimony to everyday chaos which is created by 3 daughters-in-law of the family. Anna and Dada – the two patriarchs of the family have given up on this everyday battlefield which takes place in their house. Anna’s only solace is appearances by his wife Damini who is hell-bent on setting these 3 daughters-in-law straight. Anna’s cousin Nagnath also does his share of villainous tendencies to create disruptions in the family.  Bajirao- eldest grandson is the only sane mind who tries to resolve problem. Anna and Damini want to keep peaceful environment in family. And there enters Aboli with her own free spirit and smartness. Will she be the one to be the catalyst of change in this madhouse? Or will the sweet-sour relationships within the family keep bringing the house down every day?

Ambat Goad promises a delightful look at the unique family of Vidhawans. Show boasts of a stellar cast with veterans like Sanjay Mone, Vandana Gupte, Mangesh Kulkarni accompanied by popular comedy actors like Vishakha Subhedar, Suhas Paranjape and Abhijeet Chavan. Saksham Kulkarni and ketaki Chitale lend freshness to this sweet comedy.

Talking about the show, Shrabani Deodhar, Creative Director, STAR Pravah says “we are happy to present a comedy with family value and which the entire family can watch together. It is a heartwarming comedy of Vidhwans family which has all their quirks, and sweet-sour funny moments. We are working with Cine mantra on their first venture and production quality is excellent. Also Ambat Goad has some of the finest comedy actors from Marathi film and television industry today. I am sure viewers will love Ambat Goad and endearing & lovable characters of Vidhwans household will get warm welcome by viewers.”

“Being Maharashtra’s no.1 choice, we have always provided varied entertainment to cater to the entire family’s needs. Ambat Goad is a comedy based on Maharashtrian family values. Currently there is lack of good and clean family comedies on television and Ambat Goad is just the answer for that. Audience will surely love the content and welcome these sweet-sour Vidhwans family as their own” said Yogesh Manvani, Sr. VP-Marketing, STAR Pravah.

Shalini Thackrey said “We at Cine Mantra are very proud to present our first venture Ambat Goad which is so unique and offers excellent content for Marathi viewers. We are very happy to associate with Star Pravah, Maharashtra’s no.1 entertainment channel for our very first television venture. Ambat Goad offers very entertaining and heartwarming content. Our team of talented directors and stalwart comedy actors combined with excellent production quality is sure to woo the audiences.”

Sanjay Mone says,” I am extremely happy to be associated with STAR Pravah and Ambat Goad. It is a refreshing comedy which viewers will enjoy totally.’’

Vandana Gupte says,’’ After a time being I am back on small screen with comedy on Ambat Goad and I am sure it will entertain every family.’’

Tune into ‘Ambat Goad’ starting 10th December 2012, Monday to Saturday at 9 pm only on STAR Pravah

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