Animal Planet A To Z – An Ultimate Guide To Wildlife

A 52-week line-up of exhilarating content featuring one animal per week

Animal Planet A To Z

Animal Planet A To Z

New Delhi, January 2, 2013: Starting this January, viewers can pack their bags and get set for a unique journey into the wild with Animal Planet’s upcoming programming line-up Animal Planet A-Z. From adept hunters to the calm herbivores, this 52-weeks programming line-up will traverse viewers into the thrilling world of wild.

Animal Planet A To Z

Animal Planet A To Z

Starting January 7th, Animal Planet will bring a visual treat on variety of animals through its new series Animal Planet A-Z, every night at 10 pm.

Announcing the launch of the series, Rahul Johri, senior vice president and general manager – South Asia, Discovery Networks Asia-Pacific said, “ANIMAL PLANET A-Z brings a comprehensive hour of ultimate wildlife programming which will appeal to the viewers with its exciting content. With viewers getting multiple choices of entertainment, the best quality programming will get the biggest traction from them.”

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The channel will dedicate one week to each animal.  This unexampled line-up of Animal Planet A-Z will take viewers onto a wild expedition that features the details of one particular animal every week, covering from A to Z of varied species. A for Anaconda, B for Bears, C for Crocodiles, D for Dog, E for Elephants and many more – each week will encapsulate the animal’s habitat, nature, wild attacks. Wild animals do not occupy the whole list, as the programmes will also include aquatic creatures like Fish and untamed participants in the list – the monstrous bugs found in the forests.

Viewers will also join Animal Planet’s renowned wildlife explorers and experts like Nigel Marvin, Jeff Corwin, Dave Salmoni, Austin Steven as they travel to different countries, observing different wildlife.

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