DisneyUTV Digital Launches an Innovative Offering – Bindass Facebook Jukebox

Bindass Facebook Jukebox

Bindass Facebook Jukebox

Mumbai, 14 January 2013: The Digital business of DisneyUTV announces the launch of ‘bindass Facebook Jukebox’. This is a unique digital platform which allows users to choose their favorite music on world’s most popular social networking website – Facebook and watch their interaction live on television on bindass.

Users can rank music by voting for their favorite songs listed on the application. The application does not only play music but also allows the users to interact with each other. This unique Jukebox allows users to dedicate songs to their friends and loved ones and watch their dedication along with their profile images live on the bindass Jukebox show – Monday to Friday from 5-7 pm.

Commenting on this, Sameer Pitalwalla, Director – Video and Celebrity, DisneyUTV said, “Combining our music show on bindass with our Facebook audience and giving them the power to select songs and see themselves along with their comments and dedications on TV is not only a great reward for our fan-base but also a step forward in the direction of making TV more social. The bindass Facebook Jukebox is an innovative product which converges social media with television through music, which appeals to our audience. bindass on Facebook has the most engaged audience base for any youth channel on Facebook in India and we wanted to create something special for our audience.”

Understanding the symbiotic relationship between mobile phones and social media usage through them amongst the youth, the App will be soon available on smartphones too. The mobile version will allow users to vote for their favourite songs and dedicate songs through the Facebook App on their smartphones.

bindass today is the highest engaged page for any youth channel on Facebook in the country with over 1.9 million fans with more than 5 lakh ‘people talking this’.

Link to the bindass Facebook Jukebox – www.facebook.com/bindass-jukebox

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20 Responses

  1. harsh shuklA says:

    I love songs

  2. veerukushwaha says:

    i love this song

  3. Kunika Shama says:

    dedikated m rrng shbtn ka to my luv shahid kapoor.luv u shahid

  4. prateek singh says:

    i love dhating nach

  5. NITIN KUMAR says:

    One Two Three Four Chennai Express Song is sweet

  6. family says:

    this song lovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvy

  7. frnd says:

    luy song tum hi ho

  8. suraj patel says:


  9. Ritesh awasya says:

    i love you jaanu

    • Ajay...... Singh.... Thakur...... says:

      I…… Love…… Song……… Dear…… Anjali……. Singh……

  10. Ritesh awasya says:

    i love jaanu

  11. Salman Qureshi says:


  12. Barun kumar says:

    Radha teri chunri.

  13. shyam tanwar says:

    Main tera song its my fav…..

  14. shyam tanwar says:

    Main tera song its my fav…..

  15. shyam tanwar says:

    Main tera song its my fav…..

  16. Parth Shah says:

    facebook juke box roxxxx!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I love it vry mch

  17. binaya mallick says:

    utv bindass is my fav. music channel.the disco song is my fav song.Now i am watching juke box.

  18. binaya mallick says:

    utv bindass is my fav.music channel.the disco song is my fav song

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