Chef Rakesh Sethi’s Tea Time Snacks Only on FOODFOOD Channel

Tea Time Snacks

Tea Time Snacks

Mumbai, May 28, 2012: FOODFOOD, India’s most gastronomically loaded food and food lifestyle channel starts its new season of ‘Tea Time’ airing every Tuesday and Wednesday at 4pm. The show is hosted by channel’s own Resident Food Editor, Chef Rakesh Sethi.

Tea Time is a half hour show, presenting some of the best snacks by Chef Rakesh Sethi. Across India, the evening snack time or “nashta” is an important one – it’s more a ‘refreshing break’, a time to relax, and enjoy a good cup of tea with snacks and more! Chef Rakesh shares his experiences and experiments in the kitchen with his viewers by bringing simple, yet delicious and lip smacking International and Indian recipes that can be served during ‘Tea Time’ or any snack time. His innovative dishes will help every cook elevate tea-time to a much awaited time of day for kids and family.

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“Our research showed us that housewives are always on the lookout for interesting treats to serve between meals. This show not only explains the importance of snack time to our viewers, but also provides healthy recipes that they can easily cook for friends and family” stated Sanjeev Kapoor, Promoter of the channel.

Bored of same old tea time snacks? Then try out this yummy season of Tea Time with Rakesh Sethi!

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