Sony TV’s CID Team To Solve Two Intriguing Mystery Murders



Sony Entertainment Television’s longest running show CID which has constantly entertained its viewers with unique and challenging cases is back with yet another power packed episodes. This week CID team will be on a hunt of a killer clown. The first episode will revolve around the story of a mysterious clown statue. A nanny is seen care taking kids in the absences of their parents, suddenly she notices a clown statue which gives her some strange vibes and makes her uncomfortable. She immediately calls for help but to a shock nobody can see the statue except her and in no time she gets killed by the clown. CID team comes to know about this and start investigating that why would a killer dress up in a clown costume and make such an elaborate plan to kill the nanny. While investigation CID comes to know that there is a series of killing taking place, they come to know that the culprit is a serial killer who’s killing all the nannies. CID now has to solve this mystery and also save other nannies from getting killed.

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The second episode will revolve around the life of Urinal; a college student is dared to visit an abandoned graveyard in a supposedly haunted jungle at night. There he encounters a man in who claims to be dead and asks for help to find his killer. After a couple of days CID team find a dead body of Mina, having a strange thing where his lower half of body is missing and there are no cut wounds to indicate that the body was chopped.

How and why was Urinal killed? Is the legend of the haunted jungle true or is this part of a sinister plan? How will CID solve this intriguing mystery?

To know that tune into CID Friday – Sunday 10:00 PM only on Sony Entertainment Television

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