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Vijay Awards

Vijay Awards 2012

The sixth Annual Close Up Vijay Awards powered by Bingo has been receiving over-whelming response from both the public and the film fraternity.

For all the fervent film viewers and crazy film fans, Vijay TV’s Close Up Vijay Awards provide a great chance to move closer to their favorites stars.

The nominees for the five Favorite categories – Hero, Heroine, Film, Director and Song are announced. Viewers can cast their vote for their favorite Hero, Heroine, Film, Director and Song.

The nominees for the FAVORITE categories are:

Favorite Hero – Ajith – Mankaatha, Dhanush – Aadukalam, Suriya – Yezhaam Arivu, Vijay – Velayudham, Vikram – Deivathirumagal

Favorite Heroine – Anushka – Deivathirumagal, Asin – Kaavalan,Hansika Motwani – Engeyum Kaadhal, Tapsee Pannu – Aadukalam, Trisha – Mankaatha

Favorite Film – Ko, Mankaatha, Siruthai, Velayudham, Yezhaam Arivu

Favorite Director – A.R. Murugadoss – Yezhaam Arivu, K.V. Anand – Ko, Selvaragan – Mayakkam Enna, Venkat Prabhu – Mankaatha, Vetrimaran – Aadukalam

  8th Annual Vijay Awards 2014 Telecast Details - 20 and 27 July 2014 at 2.00 P.M

Favorite Song – Ennamo Yedho – Ko, Kaadhal Yenkaadhal Athu Kannerula – Mayakkam Enna, Kalasala – Osthe, Otha Sollala – Aadukalam, Vilayaadu Mankaatha – Mankaatha

In Vijay Awards the ‘Favorite’ category has always been chosen by the public voting.  They can cast their vote through SMS and online.  The voting lines are open till 10th June 2012.

Vijay Awards 2012 Voting Mechanism : All mobile subscribers just have to type ‘VA’ and SMS to 57827 to vote for the favorite category.  Viewers can also log onto and cast their vote.

Viewers can tune into ‘Close Up Vijay Awards Oru Munnottam powered by Bingo’ every Sunday at 1730 hrs to get the latest information on the show and all the voting particulars.

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86 Responses

  1. nithish says:

    illayathalapathy is favorite hero

  2. Rohith kumar says:

    fav actor vijay
    fav actress lakshmi menon
    fav director a.r.murugadoss
    fav film thuppaki
    fav music director harris jayaraj
    fav comedy actor santhanam

  3. sumitha says:

    fav actor vijay
    fav heroine lakshmi menon
    fav movie kumki
    fav director prabhu solomon
    fav music director D.iman

  4. guru dev says:

    fav hero: thala

  5. ramesh says:

    fav hero:SURYA
    fav heroine:ANUSHKA
    fav director:A.R.MURUGADOSS
    fav movie:YEEZHAM ARIVU

  6. Gokul says:

    fav hero:SURYA
    fav heroine:ANUSHKA
    fav director:A.R.MURUGADOSS
    fav movie:YEEZHAM ARIVU

  7. abraham says:

    ajith kumar is my fav.hero

  8. abraham says:

    farate hero thala ajith only thala happy birthday

  9. Rudhra says:

    fav film- naban
    fav hero- vijay
    fav heroine-anuska
    fav music composer- yuvan
    fav dir- venkat prabu
    fav song-dhimu dhimu

  10. sathish says:

    fav.heroine;kajal agarwal
    fav.musicdirector.harris jayaraj;google,google

  11. preethi says:

    Ilayathalapathy VIJAY is my fav hero.he’s the real super star. vijay always rocks……i like him soooooooo much.ALL IS WELL

  12. Amirtha says:


  13. bharathi says:

    vijay is the mass one can beat him….

  14. prasanna says:

    song:- Ennamo Yedho – Ko
    hero:- Suriya – Yezhaam Arivu
    herione:- Anushka – Deivathirumagal,
    director:- K.V. Anand – Ko
    ilm:- ko

  15. vino says:


  16. vishnu says:

    fev hero ajith
    fav heroin hans

  17. suresh says:

    my favorite hero is Mr ilaya thalapathi Vijay.

  18. manoj says:


  19. Arya says:

    Vijay my have herooooooooo…no one can b the not super star other then him

  20. Ranjith says:


  21. Ranjith says:

    vijay win best acter award

  22. yasar says:

    my fav actress hanshika
    my fav director bala
    my fav hero ajith [billa 2]

  23. gopi says:

    Favrate hero thala ajith da

  24. dinesh says:

    All time favrate mass hero thala ajith

  25. imtiaz says:

    vijay is the superstar

  26. M.S.Poornima says:

    My favorite hero is surya.
    My favorite heroine is saranya mohan.

  27. rajha says:

    vijay, anushka

  28. rajha says:

    vijay anushka

  29. ponraj says:

    fav hero;-dr.vijay fav heroin;-asin fav music diractor;-vijay aundony fav diractor;-a.r murugadas fav film ;- vaylayutham silaiku munnal nilal adathu, thalapathiku munnal thala adathu………… thalaiva waiting for ”THUPPAKKI”

  30. Sedhu says:

    Vijay only ma y doubt

  31. rajadurai says:


  32. sinya says:

    fav.heroine trisha
    fav.hero vijay

  33. shara says:

    fav actor vijay
    fav actress hansika

  34. shara says:

    fav hero one only vijay fav heroine hansika

  35. Murugesh says:

    Vijay is the one only favorite nobody can share with him.

  36. prakash says:

    fav hero: surya(7aam arivu)
    fav heroine: anuskha (thiva thirumagal)
    fav film: ko
    fav director: a.r.murugathas
    fav song:otha sollala(adugalam)

  37. ANAND says:


  38. Dhanalakshmi says:


  39. Dhanalakshmi says:

    Fav Hero : Surya
    Fav Heroin : Hanciha
    Fav Song : Azhage Azhage(oru kal oru kannadi)
    Favorite film – ko

  40. Kannaiyan says:

    Fav Hero : Vijay
    Fav Heroine : Asin
    Fav Song : Ennamo Yedho
    Fav Director : K.V.Anand
    Fav Film : Velayudham

  41. jai says:

    fav hero vijay…heroine asin… velayutham……

  42. thasleem says:

    hero:vijay heroine:anuska

  43. shahulbca says:

    hero ; vijay

    heroin ;anushka

    fav fil ;ko

    fav dir ;kv anand

    fav son;enamo etyho

  44. shahul hameed says:

    hero: vijay for velayudham

    heroene : asin for kavalan

    director :k.v.anand for ko

    fav song : ennamo yedho

    fav film : velayudham

  45. imran khan says:

    fav.hero-ilaya thalapathy vijay


    fav.director-vetrimaran edho

  46. nagu says:


  47. naren says:

    favorite hero only vijay for nanban

  48. thaha says:


    heroine-kr vijaya


    song-oororam puliyamaram

    director-en iniya tamil makkale

    fav dialogue-kola kolaya munthirika powerstar adicha kathirika………………….

  49. jainul says:


    heroine-no comments

    director-kv anand

    film-engeyum eppothum(missed)

    song-otha sollala

  50. ansari says:




    director-kv anand

    song-ennamo etho

  51. riyaz ahamed says:

    hero -vijay




    song-ennamo etho

  52. riyaz ahamed says:





    song-ennamo etho

  53. gopi says:

    Fav hero-ajith-mankaatha
    Fav heroin-Anushka – Deivathirumagal,
    Fav songs-ko-enmo edho
    Fav film-Mankaatha
    Fav director-K.V. Anand – Ko

  54. Anas says:

    Fav Hero : Thalabathi Vijay
    Fav heroin : Asin
    Fav film : Velayutham
    Fav director : K.V.Anand
    Fav song : kala sala kala sala

  55. silambuselvan(MIRACLE) says:

    Super Star Illaya Thalabathy Vijay for Velayutham

  56. keerthana says:

    favorite film-ko
    favorite directer-k.v Anand
    favorite song-Ennamo yetho

  57. anjugam says:

    fav hero : vijay
    heroene : asin
    director : k.v.anand
    song: ennamo yedho
    film : velayudham

  58. rajeshwaran says:

    hero: vijay
    heroene: asin
    song:ennamo yedho

  59. manikandan says:

    hero: vijay for velayudham
    heroene : asin for kavalan
    director :k.v.anand for ko
    fav song : ennamo yedho
    fav film : velayudham

  60. saravanan says:

    favourite hero vijay for nanban and song asuku laska

  61. kumar says:

    Favorite hero – Ajith – Mankaatha
    Favorite Heroine – Tapsee Pannu – Aadukalam
    Favorite director – Venkat Prabhu – Mankaatha
    Favorite song – Otha Sollala – Aadukalam
    Favorite film – Mankaatha

  62. ammu says:

    Fav Hero: Vijay – Velayudham

    Fav Song: Kalasala – Osthe

    Fav Director: Venkat Prabhu – Mankaatha

    Fav Heroine: Anushka – Deivathirumagal

    Fav Film: Velayudham

  63. Asha Rani says:

    Favorite hero – surya for yezhaam arivu
    Favorite Heroine – Anushka for deivathirumagal
    Favorite director – A.R. Murugados for yezhaam arivu
    Favorite song – Ennamo etho
    Favorite film – ko

  64. esh says:


  65. Balamurugan says:

    Faivorate Hero:Ajith,Venket prabhu,Yuvan,ennamo Edho

  66. Surya, thrisha, murugadass, ezham arivu. says:


  67. Sanaa says:

    My fav hero is vijay for veleyutham…heroine – asin,film – velayutham,director-k.v.anand, ennamo etho song from ko

  68. prem says:

    hero – vijay
    heroine – trisha – ennamo yedho – velayudham
    fav.director – vetrimaran – aadukalam

  69. surya says:

    fav hero:surya
    heroine:amala pauhl

  70. Manikandan.E says:

    My favorites are Ajith, Tapsee Panu, Siruthai, Selvaragavan,kalasala.

  71. praveen says:

    favorite hero ajithkumar

  72. udhayakumar says:

    hero ; vijay
    heroin ;anushka
    fav fil ;ko
    fav dir ;kv anand
    fav son;enamo etyho

  73. Praveen says:


  74. Praveen says:

    My fav hero is vijay

  75. Santhosh says:

    Favorite Heroine Anushka

  76. Santhosh says:

    Favorite Hero Surya
    Favorite Film Yezham Arivu

  77. austin says:

    i like vijay for nanban

  78. imraan says:

    Engeyum Kaadhal-Hansika Motwani

  79. mary says:

    ilayathalapathy vijay is a favrate hero

  80. prabakaran says:

    Vijay – Velayudham

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