Crime File – Paatakigala Pakka Story, 18th of August, Every Saturday and Sunday at 10:00 On Zee Kannada

Crime File

Crime File

Bangalore: Zee Kannada is once again coming up with an interesting reality based show- Crime File. Kannada television’s first Crime show of its kind will be launched on the 18th of August, Every Saturday and Sunday at 10:00 to 11:00pm.

With the burgeoning population, it is easy to say that the crime rates have only risen in the last few years. Media has been the most effective tool in exposing these acts of crime to the masses and though they become aware of these crimes, they seldom know how to avoid the same when faced with a similar situation. Crime can be avoided if one is aware of the initial stages that lead to criminal acts. Basically, the psyche of a criminal is not very hard to read into.

Crime File is one such show that takes the masses right from the early stages of a crime to its abominable consequences. This show brings true stories of crime, where the police have tackled the most complex of cases. It is a completely dramatized real-life crime story and would include untold facts on the case and unearthed details of how the police went about solving the case.

Crime File aims to bring to light the Criminal Minds behind innocent faces. The focus will be on the victim and criminal motivations. Every episode ends with an optimal solution for preventing crime. Crime Alert shows us that if we are careful, lives can be saved and that crime could strike anywhere, anytime and it could be anyone.
‘Crime File seeks to unravel the story behind the story with an attempt to educate and inform the viewers, rather than sensationalize crime and glorify criminals’ says Zee Kannada Business Head Dr. Gautham Machaiah.
Crime File is the first of its kind in the Karnataka Market as no other channel has attempted such a show- a fictionalized crime reality show. Crime File dispels this negativity with   a gentler and positive approach to every case.

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