Vijay TV Launches ‘En Desam En Makkal’ Sundays at 10 A.M

En Desam En Makkal

En Desam En Makkal

En Desam En Makkal is the new show which has launched Vijay TV on Feb 10th.  The show talks about societal immorality with the participation of public who would analyse it from all angles.  A particular social problem will be taken up and both the sides of the problem will be explored.  This would be the initial step towards eradicating the societal evil which should be first of all accepted the facts and discussed to find out ways to usher in a change.

En Desam En Makkal will be hosted by none other than the ‘Neeya Nana’ fame Gopinath.  Related human interest stories will be screened.  Important officials from concerned sections will elaborate and inform to ways to eradicate the problems.  Citizens who are working to help the society to bring in disciplinary act will be showcased the ways and means to solve the issue will be featured on the show.

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Topics like alcoholism and how it destroys families, untouchability, increasing divorce rates, honor killing, healthcare, can women live alone? etc., would be discussed on the show.   Lets be the means to eradicate the societal immorality s of our society.  Don’t miss to watch the show which is airing on Sundays at 10 am only on Vijay TV.

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