Explore The Making of Leading UBER Cool Iconic Brands Only on Mega Factories with Nat Geo

Explore The Making of Leading UBER Cool Iconic Brands Only on Mega Factories with Nat Geo

Mega Factories

Explore The Making of Leading UBER Cool Iconic Brands Only on Mega Factories with Nat Geo

New Delhi, June 03, 2011: National Geographic Channel is back again to quench your curiosity this summer with the all new season of “Mega Factories”. Premiering on June 6 at 9:00 p.m., the series will open up the windows to the fascinating stories behind the making of your favourite iconic brands like Coca- Cola, Heineken, UPS, Lego and Jack Daniels. The new season takes its viewers on a journey from cornfield to bars, from tap water to world famous lager, building blocks to world famous toys.

The new series of “Mega Factories” dons the protective gear and enters the epic manufacturing plants behind the planet’s biggest brands, revealing their unique construction secrets. Right from the making of the world’s premium whisky at Jack Daniels facility to the legendary cola giant Coca Cola, from the efficient staff at UPS delivering over 15 million packets every day to the massive LEGO factory churning out 36,000 LEGO bricks every minute, the series will unravel more such fascinating facts and stories.

Speaking about “Mega Factories’’ – Ramon Chibb, Senior VP- Content, National Geographic Network & Fox International Channels said, “At National Geographic Channel, we are constantly striving to deliver content which is exclusive and triggers the curiosity element amongst our youth.  In the new series of ‘Mega Factories’, we will take the curious levels of our viewers to new heights by unveiling spectacular visuals and facts around the epic manufacturing units of the world’s biggest mass brands. Taking cue from the success of the previous seasons, we are confident that the new season will again sweep our viewers and keep them mesmerized.”

The show synopses are below for your reference.

Mega Factories- Week 1
Episode TitleDateDayTime
Big:- Mega Factories Week 1 – Jack Daniels6 JuneMonday21:00 PM
Big:- Mega Factories Week 1 – Coca-Cola7 JuneTuesday21:00 PM
Big:- Mega Factories Week 1 – Heineken8 JuneWednesday21:00 PM
Big:- Mega Factories Week 1 – Lego9 JuneThursday21:00 PM
Big:- Mega Factories Week 1 – Ups10 JuneFriday21:00 PM

Big: – Mega Factories Week 1 – Jack Daniels: - We go behind the doors of one of the most famous distilleries in the world.

Big: – Mega Factories Week 1 – Coca-Cola:- Going into labs with chemist/”beverage engineers” to see how they design new drinks. The world’s largest bottle recycling plant in North Carolina just opened where we can see how any old bottles are transformed into the signature Coke bottle. The strange ingredients you’d never expect–like vanilla and nutmeg–that go into making Coke–millions of tons of them (they’re the world’s largest consumer of both). Lots of HD stock available to show off bottlers/brands/assembly lines around the globe–plus any ads we want, old and new that they’ll provide to us. Concentrated Coke is produced in just 30 places around the globe and shipped out to 900 factories where water & sweetener is added–cool visual of tons of gallons of Coke moving through the streets of major cities. Great characters at all stages of production–like 4th generation Coke employees working the bottle line in the first plant in Tennessee.

Big: – Mega Factories Week 1 – Heineken: - Heineken has long been the most popular beer in the world, producing over 1.1 trillion liters of the legendary lager in 2009 alone. It all began at the storied brewery in Amsterdam, which is now a major tourist attraction. Today, Heineken’s main brewing and distribution hub is in Zoeterwoude at a sprawling mega factory of epic proportion. We’ll travel from the water treatment center, which turns regular tap water into ultra-pure brewing water, to the massive brewhouse, which turns barley malt into fermentable wort, and then to the ‘Apollo’ fermentation tanks, where the historic ‘Heineken A’ yeast is added and the beer is born. Last, we travel through the high-tech bottling, canning, and packaging lines, on our way to an actual delivery of a fresh batch of Heineken to a local Amsterdam pub.

Big: – Mega Factories Week 1 – Lego: - It’s the most popular construction toy in the world. In the age of unprecedented competition for their attention – from videogames to TVs to countless activities – children still spend over 5 billion hours a year playing with LEGO bricks. But building simple modular toys with interlocking bricks is a lot more complex than it seems. Their most popular set – the police station – is completely redesigned every few years to keep up with the times. From R&D and engineering to robotic assembly lines and the most fickle test market on the planet, Mega Factories: LEGO takes you behind the scenes as a real life police station turns into a playground for the imagination.

Big: – Mega Factories Week 1 – Ups: - When it absolutely has to get from Point A to B, overnight, or even in hours. Every day, millions depend on UPS. To the tune of four billion packages each year. Step inside the largest, most efficient and high-tech automated delivery system on the planet. More than a courier, UPS is a transportation network of staggering proportions, complete with a meteorology center, a flight-simulation training hub, and the eighth largest airline fleet in the world. And at the heart of it all is their Ultimate Factory in Louisville, Kentucky, a pulsing, pounding, 24/7, four million square foot one-of-a-kind technological wonder.

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