Poorvika Mobile Junior Super Stars on Vijay TV

Poorvika Mobile JUNIOR SUPER STARS powered by India Gate – Launhing on Friday (& saturday) at 2100 hrs VIJAY TV

Junior Super Stars on Vijay TV

Poorvika Mobile Junior Super Stars on Vijay TV

Vijay TV churns out unique content which is exciting and entertaining.  This time around Vijay TV stretches its imagination beyond language and geographical barriers to present a one of its kind Singing Talent Show which combines the Junior Singing Talent from the 4 Southern States. Junior Super Singers the show stoppers from the Airtel Super Singer Junior and who have become household names would take the lead; little singing sensation Srikanth, the entertainer Nithyashree, the perfect technique of Shravan and the sweet Roshan will complete the exhilarating lineup.

These singers would combine with the finest junior voices of Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Kerala in ‘Poorvika Mobile Junior Super Stars powered by India Gate’ that is slated to hit air on October 15th, 2010, Friday’s and Saturday’s at 9pm. This powered packed weekend show will have the top junior voices across the southern states combine with Vijay TV’s junior voices and fight it out to win the coveted title which would fetch the winning pair Rs. 5 lakh each.

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The participants will team up as 9 pairs and the competition is expected to be intense to say the least, as these juniors have undergone the rigor to come up trumps in their native states. Every week an unique theme would confront the nine chosen pairs; namely duet, black and white, semi classical, disco to name a few. The Main Judge for the show would be Anuradha Sriram. Other Popular Singers like Usha Udup, S.P. Shailaja, M.G .Sreekumar and many others will feature on the show in accordance with the theme.

Another interesting aspect of ‘Poorvika Mobile Junior Super Stars powered by India Gate’ would be the hosts of the show. Vijay TV has brought together the senior and junior combination of versatile singer Mano and the little singing sensation Srikanth who will not only enthrall the audiences with their special performances but will also make the audience go in splits with their wit and humor.

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‘Poorvika Mobile Junior Super Stars powered by India Gate’ launches this Friday, 15 October 2010, and airs every Friday and Saturday at 2100 hrs on Vijay TV.  Get ready to be entertained as these juniors are going to set the stage on fire.

K.Sriram General Manager remarks about the Show, ‘We all know that Music has no language and this is the first time these words would be translated onto a Television Show. We are excited at this unique attempt of bringing together the best junior talent from the Southern States. We are sure that this show will not only do well in Tamilnadu but in the neigbouring states as well.”

The line up of the pairs:

Roshan – 2nd Runner up of Airtel Super Singer Jr 2

Parvathy – Title winner of Amrita TV’s Super Star Jr 2 ( Malayalam)

Azif – quarter finalist in ‘Super Star Jr 3’ ( Malayalam)

Nithyashree – semifinalist in ASSJr2.

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Rohan – semifinalist in Super Star Jr 2 ( Malayalam)

Anaka – 4th place in SSJr2.  ( Malayalam)

Alsabith – title winner of Super Star Jr 1 ( Malayalam)

Lakshmi – 1st runner up in Super Star Jr3.  ( Malayalam)

Nikhil – semifinalist of Suvarna TV’s ‘Little star singer 1’ (Kannada)

Rakshitha – winner of Suvarna TV’s ‘Little star singer 1’ and E TV’s Rhythm Thadeem.  (Kannada)

Jayanth – 1st runner up in Maa TV’s ‘Idea Super Singer Jr2’ and title winner of ‘Super Singer 3’ (Telugu)

Shanmukhapriya – winner of Zee sa re ga ma pa little champs 08 & best performer of Maa TV’s idea super singer 4. (Telugu)

Balasarangam & Priyanka – contestant & semifinalist of Airtel Super Singer Jr 2

Sai Venkat & Nadha Priya – finalist and title winner of Sa re ga ma pa little champs 2010 (Telugu)

Shravan & Srinisha – 1st runner up and semifinalist in Airtel Super Singer Jr 2

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8 Responses

  1. recoraj says:

    Rakshita rocks

  2. ksns swamy says:

    really vijay tv statement about nadapriya voice is cent percent exact ,her voice and talent about sruthi laya gamakams expressions according to type of songs is like experienced professional singer,all commentors who were not agreeing with vijay tv ,here am reqesting to recognise the talent where it is perfect not on favourite sigers

  3. grace says:

    roshan and parvathy rocking perfomence

  4. poet says:

    Mano wants to prove by hook or crook that only Kerala has the talent in singing and rest 3 neighboring states are tone deaf. He also set upon himself to prove that SRINISHA and PRIYANKA are big zeroes in singing, contrary to the belief of many Tamilaians. That is at the cost of Tamil viewers of VIJAY TV. By the way, get himself employed also, for want of any singing chances.

  5. Ramakrishna says:

    Hi vijay tv,
    i just don’t understand why always when nithyashree is in the danger zone with another singer there is no elemination.why so unfair or is nitya’s parents having any connection with high society singer like janaki.this is not the first time it’s always the case.is vijay tv turinng a blind spot & pretending or are the judges fit to judge??????????????? agree with Shivakumar.(MANO VERY DISAPPOINTING) from ram

  6. Mythili says:

    Absolute cheating! Supporting the Malayalee crowds – not recognizing real talent…elimination of Sai Venkat and Nadapriya is a good example….asif and nithyasree’s performance is not at all good in comparison to Nadapriya’s voice and saivenkat’s energy….Also Rohan and Anakka who has no good pronounciation is still there….

  7. shivakumar says:

    Clearly neglectinu the Karnatak girl Pannu . So much of viewers and highest population of tamilians in karanataka. Letting down the opinion of channel/. Great talent girl pannu cheatingly eliminated by channel. Very bad. Not expoecting at all

  8. rajesh says:

    utterly cheating. such good performance of Pannagshree,vishnucharan.bad pefornace of sai venkat nad priya. charming girl pannagshree very great talent. not happy channel is bad

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