Shivam – Vijay TV’s Popular Mythological Series Telecast at 11.30 A.M From 21 Jan 2013

Shivam On Vijay TV



SHIVAM the most popular mythological series on Vijay TV will be aired at 11.30 am from 21 Jan 2013 onwards.  SHIVAM is a grandeur spiritual drama starring Mohit Raina as Shiva, Mouni Roy as Sati, Surendra Pal as Prajapati Daksh, Shalini Kappor as Prasuti, Kumar Hegde as Nandi, Saurabh Raj Jain as Vishnu, Ragini Dubey as lakshmi, Manoj Kolhatkar as Dadhichi, Rajeev Bharadwaj as Kashyap, Shailesh Dattar as Narada along with and many others.

SHIVAM is the story of Lord Shiva who is also called as Mahadev.  The serial portrays his journey from a hermit to a house holder.  In the series Shiva takes many incarnations and many incidents take place.  However, this plot mentions only the interesting major events.

The story started off with the tale of Sati falling in love with Lord Shiva.  Sati is the daughter of Prajapati Daksha Rajan a staunch devotee of Lord Vishnu.  Sati is drawn towards Shiva against the wishes of her father.  Will she realize that she is non other than Goddess Adi Shakthi.  Will she be married to Lord Shiva against her father’s wish forms the rest of the story.

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Experience the mesmerizing journey of Lord Shiva, Sati, her love and marriage to Lord Shiva which is produced with rich production value, colorful backdrops and astonishing back ground music.  A must watch serial SHIVAM is aired at 11.30 am on VIJAY TV.  Don’t miss it.

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