Singaram Theru – New Comedy Series on Vijay TV, Launching On 1 September 2013 at 7 P.M

Singaram Theru

Singaram Theru

Continuing the stride of success in the genre of comedy Vijay TV launches a full length comedy series titled Singaram Theru on 01 September 2013, airing every Sunday at 7 pm.

‘Singaram Theru’ has various characters living in the colony. These characters fight with each other and they all end up lodging complaint against each other, in C1 police station of that area.

Family one consists of Auto driver Velu and his wife Eswari. They have a son, Gopi. Velu is a drunkard and often picks up quarrel with every other person he meets. Eswari is chatterbox and she has a sister, Mayilu who falls in love with a bachelor neighbor boy.

Family two has Neruppu Neelakandan who is a self proclaimed politician. Sundari is his wife and her hobby is to hit him everyday. He has two subordinates who do nothing good to him.

Family three has Varathappan a tailor and his wife is Julie. Family four has Punniakoti and his sister Vasanthi. Family five has Rajaraja Cholan who does all the household work and his wife works as a nurse in a hospital.

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Apart from this Sakthi, Shankar Menon joins the team in the colony. Police Inspector Deepavali and constable Santhamoorthy, women police Kushalamba and Maari add humor to the story.

The story and direction of Singaram Theru is Lollu Sabha fame Rambala, cinematography by Dhanapal and music scored by Kinsley Vincent. Do not miss to watch this full length hilarious series Singaram Theru from 01 September 2013, Sunday at 7 pm only on Vijay TV.

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