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South Ka Super Punch

South Ka Super Punch

A man is shot in the chest, and guess what … not only does the bullet deflect off his chest with a “ping” sound but it flies back and finishes the man who shot it. Genius? Well, it can only happen in a south Indian blockbuster! Giving viewers a double-shot of unadulterated masala and hilarious, over-the-top action, Zee Cinema presents  ‘South Ka Super Punch’ – a two week-long festival of popular southern blockbusters dubbed in Hindi. Bound to have you on the edge of your seats with zany, zippy action and rib-tickling comedy, the festival will have the premiere of Hindi dubbed versions of runaway Southie successes like No. 1 Businessman, Aag Ka Gola & Aakhri Baazi. The festival that will air starting 29th April, every Monday to Friday at 9 PM will include films featuring the biggest stars of the south like Venkatesh, Mahesh Babu, Nagarjuna and Ravi Teja. The line-up of films include Kasam Hindustan Ki, The Real Tiger, Aar Paar: The Judgement Day, Warrior, Durga IPS, Hindustani Yodha & Mera Krodh.

The creative route Zee Cinema has chosen to promote the festival involves a very catchy, off-beat promo. Instead of showcasing any of the stars or even visuals from the films being aired as a part of the ‘South Ka Super Punch’ festival, the promo raises a toast to the sheer flashiness and flamboyance of southern cinema and its unique brand of comical action. It features a special rap song that has been composed in-house by the creative team at Zee Cinema, celebrating the magnificent larger-than-life attributes of these films. The promo has been widely appreciated across the country ever since it went on air two weeks ago.

Cashing in on the current rage of cricket, Zee Cinema has created some very witty cricket-centric comic strips, spoofing the most widely discussed developments from the ongoing series and associating them with the festival in a unique manner. These comic strips will be available  across various digital platforms and create a stir in the social media around the festival.

Mr. Mohan Gopinath, Business Head, Hindi Movie cluster, ZEEL  said, “In times when we all lead hectic lives, viewers look to cinema or television as a stress-buster. Cinema from the South with its larger-than-life hero worship and flamboyant brand of action and drama, serve as a beautiful avenue for escapism where people can forget all their stress and have a good laugh. These films have been enormous successes down south and the lead actors are worshipped like demi-Gods. Dubbed versions of south films have always rated extremely well each time we have aired these in the past and there is a strong demand for us to air more such films. Our previous festival of a similar nature ‘Dosa Meets Samosa’ had met with an overwhelming response. We’re confident that the audience will enjoy the new festival too!”

So, to experience the magic of south Indian cinema, tune into ‘South Ka Super Punch’ at 9 PM every Monday-Friday starting 29th April, only on Zee Cinema.

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