Star Jalsha Eyeing The Top Slot In West Bengal

Star Jalsha

Star Jalsha

Kolkata, 6th February, 2009: In just five months since its launch, Star Entertainment Media Pvt Ltd’s Bengali General Entertainment Channel, STAR JALSHA has become the most successfully launched channel in West Bengal. It has garnered 262 GRP, in the week 25th – 31st January, 2009 (a growth of 288% over the launch week), as per the latest TAM ratings. The other Bengali GECs, Zee Bangla is at 316 GRPs, (397 GRPs last week) and ETV Bangla is at 298 GRPs, (330 GRPs last week).

STAR Jalsha defeats long standing player ETV Bangla in Kolkata by establishing itself as a clear leader for the number 2 spot, and is now second only to Zee Bangla. It has beaten ETV Bangla on Weekday prime time for two consecutive weeks. The growth in STAR Jalsha is mainly backed by high delivery in Weekday Prime Time. This slot (MF 18:30 – 22:30) has delivered 115 GRPs, which is ahead of ETV Bangla (89 GRPs) in the West Bengal market.

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STAR Jalsha is also the No. 1 Channel in West Bengal in CS 15-24 MF target group, having captivated the youth of Bengal with its refreshing and entertaining content. STAR Jalsha holds a distinct 11% leadership over its closest competitor (ETV Bangla) among the critical CS 15-24 TG of West Bengal.

Star Jalsha, the Bengali entertainment channel offers a wide range of programmes including daily soaps, reality shows, celebrity chat shows and telefilms. Three out of five STAR Jalsha shows – Bou Kotha Kou, Bandhan & Durga – are leaders in their slots. Last week, Star Jalsha’s two most popular shows Durga and Bou Kotha Kou have generated their highest TVR of 4.5 and 4.2 respectively and the other top draw of the channel, Bandhan has generated a TVR of 3.8.

Commenting on the overwhelming response that Star Jalsha has received, Mr. J. C. Giri, EVP, Star Entertainment Media Private Limited said, “STAR Jalsha is the youngest Bengali GEC in West Bengal and we are happy to see the encouraging growth of the channel. Our efforts at understanding and addressing the entertainment needs of our audiences are coming to fruition and viewers are enjoying the programs on STAR Jalsha.”

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“The channel has redefined the drama, comedy and romance genre with programmes like I Laugh U, U Laugh Me, Ekhane Akash Neel. New launches, Enjoy Guru and Bou Katha Kou are also enjoying tremendous audience appreciation. Also, the popular shows Ekhaney Akash Neel, Bandhan, Durga and Neer Bhanga Jhor have completed 100 episodes since launch,” added Mr. Yubaraj Bhattacharya, Content Head, Star Jalsha.

Star Jalsha’s current programming line-up has five daily serials – Bou Katha Kou, Ekhane Akash Neel, Bandhan, Durga and Neer Bhanga Jhor – aired from Monday to Friday at 7.00 pm, 7.30 pm, 8.00 pm, 8.30 pm and 9.00 pm respectively. Enjoy Guru, the reality comedy show airs from Wednesday – Friday at 9.30 pm, the programme showcasing exemplary students, Amar Ghore Star is aired at 6.30 pm, every Monday to Friday, Star Studio – the television magazine show is aired every Saturday at 7.30 pm, the telefim series Tomake Chai is aired every Monday and Tuesday at 9.30 pm, and the celebrity talk show, Ghosh & Company is aired every Sunday at 9 pm.

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This is not all..The next few months will see many interesting shows on STAR Jalsha and viewers are guaranteed for more exciting and entertaining fare on television.

About SEMPL: Star Entertainment Media Pvt. Ltd. (SEMPL) is a media and entertainment company in Asia that comes under STAR. STAR broadcasts over 60 television services in ten languages to more than 300 million viewers across 53 Asian countries. SEMPL channels cover all genres including general entertainment (Star Jalsha ( and Star Pravah). STAR controls over 20,000 hours of Indian and Chinese programming. In partnership with leading companies, STAR businesses extend to filmed entertainment, television production, cable systems and distribution, direct-to-home services, terrestrial TV broadcasting, wireless and digital services. STAR is a wholly owned subsidiary of News Corporation.

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  1. Aisha says:

    Which Bengali channel showing the results of Maharashtra Elections 2014

  2. Ayan says:

    Hi, i’m ayan….i hv written a novel…i wanna send dis to you…i want to make a daily soap by this…plz cntact…

  3. Piyali says:

    Hello sirr,
    I am piyali sardar, I stay in Baruipur, I want to know about the audition procedure. I want to be an ACTRESS in an upcoming serial in STAR JALSHA. PLZ let me know about the details regarding how to contact and how to become a part of the FILM INDUSTRY, i am really very serious about my career to begin as an ACTRESS. it is a humble request to you 4rm the core of my heart, MAKE ME A CALL IN THIS NO- 9038390891, and its my email: Need help……

  4. Shreya says:

    I want to be an actress in an upcoming serial in star jalsha.please let me know about the details regarding how to contact and how to become a part of the film industry.I am really serious about my career to begin as an actress.

  5. Tanay roy says:

    Hello! M tanay from assam,m a classical dancer,but i thnk m nt bad in acting,i wnt 2 work in television,its a humble rqst 2 u frm da core of mah heart,make me a call in dis nmbr-+918723864828,nd its mah email-

  6. Tanay roy says:

    Hello! M tanay from assam,m a classical dancer,but i thnk m nt bad in acting,i wnt 2 work in television,its a humble rqst 2 u frm da core of mah heart,make me a call in dis nmbr-+918723864828,nd its mah email-

  7. kousik dey says:

    i m 20 years old good looking and smart.i want to act in star jalsha’s serial . my no 9332361584





  10. samit mukherjee says:

    Amar Nam Samit Mukherjee age 56 yrs. Ami r amar wife Durgapur a thaki. Star Jalsa jobe theke suru hoeche tobe theke amra r kono bangla channel dekhi na.Kintu ajkal amader kithu dukho hoche ja apna ra bhalo serial gulo k mega serial korte gia akebare boring kore felchen. Jamon Bou katha kou,Dhanni mey,MAA Bises kore MAA ta to ekhuni ses hoe jaoa uchit tai na?Ki sab ajgubi dakhachen?Ar tanben na please. Ebar boli amra apnader ajasra dhannabad dichi j Apna ra SUBHA o SION k abiskar korar jonno.Jobe theke Sedin Dujone suru hoeche ato bhalo abhinoy ja bhola Amra 6 tar somoy dekhi abar 11 tar somoy repeat tao dekhi.Really Saon er katha na bole sudhu chey ar chokher bhasa dia j manuser moin ki bhabe chute hoe seta Amader famous Suchitra sen er katha mone poria dai.Keep it up. R subhor abhinoy amader chokhe jal ene dilo? Bhison Bhalo ……lagche.Aonader kache request j apna ra kindly subho o saon er email address ta amar mail a forward kore din Amra oder bhison bhabe congratulate korte chai.Khub bhalo lagche ei serial ta.

  11. RIK says:

    BOU KATHA KOU-MOST 3RD CLASS,,,JUST SOMOY NASTO CHARA KICHU NA,,,R,,,,MOURI(SUDHUI NEKAMI)plzz,,,miss mouri,,doya kore r nekami korben na,,,khub boring lagche

  12. ASHENIA says:


  13. rik says:


  14. priyam says:

    khub khub khub khusi holam j apnara dhonni mey r tare ami chokhe dekhni ta tulchen,koto dorshok k j mukti dilen thnx a lot!

  15. kousik das says:

    je kono serial k akta limit a ses kora,MAA serial ta ebar ses korun.please…………

  16. priyam says:

    dear sanchaita,pls tumi tomar kothagulo manali ki facebuk e scrap koro.karon o mone kore j bkk oshadhoron hoche akhono.ore bhultake apnara shobai bhangan pls,pls,pls.

  17. sanchayita gupta says:

    Do u know the most worst tv show in the world? yes, that is TARE AMI CHOKHE DEKHINI.i’ve never seen this kind of stupid dailysoap ever.the guy playing the carecter

  18. Arup (aryan) says:

    Ami akta kotha bolchi je apnader joto gulo serial notun bariache sob guloi protham-e valo suru koreche kintu din jache sobgulo boring hoye jache please notun kichu kahini nea asun.

  19. sanchayita gupta says:

    plz,plz,plz bau kotha kao bandho korun.viwers der r koto boka banaben.jader seriel a acting r jonyo cast korchen tara adou acting jane?naki apnara janena kake acting bole.kotheke tule anchen ai actorder?darshokder ar torture korben na plz.

  20. samit mukherjee says:

    Just Maa dekhe ese eta likhchi.Apnader gayer chamra ta khub mota.Ki poor direction?Sujhilik k nia than te chole galo?Ki bhabchen ?ar kato baraben?Ebar amader ektu santi din na. Hoeto serial ta ses hole amadero ektu phanka lagbe kintu roj roj ato abisaso ghatana r nite parchi na.Apnara apnader channel er sab serial k bhison bhabe niche namia dilen. Eta amra asa kori ni.Jak bhagaban ka dakhchi jano apnader subudhir uday hoe khub taratari.

  21. priyam says:

    hey evryone,ami manali(mouri)k scrap kre janiyechilam j bkk r karor bhalo lagche na r sobai serial ta bondho korar kotha bolche.kintu o kono criticism mantei raji na r bollo j eshob baje site na khulte.r ore serial naki akhono aki rokom popular.akhon tomrai bolo tomader serial kotota bhalo lagche.

  22. Arka says:

    Tare ami chokhe dekhinir din sesh. Bandh karo.Ar jhiliker maake bolbo besi barabarina kore nijer meyeke chinun

  23. samitmukherjee says:

    Pl.Pl.Pl. ebar daya kore MAA serial ta ses karun.Ar koto baraben? Eta to kono rupkathar cheye besi hoe jache. Jato sab Abisaso ghatana ghatia apnara amader r boka banaben na. Pl. Ebar Bhalo kore Jhilik k pori kore serial ta ses karun.Director masai anek kithu bhule jachen ja Age jhilik Police commissioner er hath theke sahasakitar puroskar niache. O j chor chilo ok j Hira amma dhore nia giay chilo seta ja sabai jane. Abar ki chelenmanusi suru korlen Jhilik chor ei sob bole? satti apnader birakta lagche na? Naki 8 tar slot ta charte ichhe korche na?are ebar ektu bhabun please.

  24. madam says: chara protekta serial otonto joghonn.manali dey k to sojjoi kora jaye ekghay acting! Baba re baba! Ekrokom expression r totodhik baje riju biswas.apnader dujon kei advice dichi jan age 2-3

    bochor time niye acting ta shikhe ashun.mouri j r koto nakami korbe?? Ki baje ki baje! Kobe j bondho hobe?ekrokom bhabe dialogue throw korata bondho korun.pls r nite parchi na.

  25. Ranjit Kar says:

    9.2.011 Maa seriale director/writter Jhillik ke chore praman korte puro natak korechen,age Jhillik je police award piechilo or kichu charcha holona,ki Darsak ki oto boka ?

  26. rituparna says:

    can anyone tell me the real life names of Characters like “Jhilik”, Pratima (Jhilik’s mother) and Fulki in Star Jalsha Mega serial… MAA??

  27. Tania says:

    plz director er kache ekta request je bou katha kau ebar sesh karun r bhalo lagche na boddo tanchen plz nikhil r mouri ke ebar melan

  28. samitmukherjee says:

    Apnara ar amader mane j sab darsak apnader channel chara anno kono channel kholei na tader katha bolchi. Apnader ki mone hoche na j apnara amader dhoirjor parikha nichen? ar kato din Dhanni mey,Tare ami chokhe dekhi ni Ma,Bou katha kou dekhia Amader boka banaben? Please apnader ki mone hoche na j ei sab serial gulor opor jabanika tanar samay ese pioreche? bises kore amader ato prio “MAA” k ebar please ses ses karun. Dhanni mey o Tare ami chokhe dekhini o Bou katha kou dakha amra cherei diachi. Please Maa tak antoto bhalbhabe ses karun. Bhison kasto hoche Ar nite parchi na.Anno sab channel a kintu khub bhalo bhalo serial eseche o asche. Tai jadi apnader tanak ta ebar na nore tahole bujhtei parchen……..

  29. mahabub says:

    Sime time think it is good serial and some time being boring by maa but then after we are see this serial becouse i love thise serial espasially jhelil and her mather acting,

    i don’t know even i think any spactator or any pepole dose not know when it is finished but we are want to see finishe thise serial

    thanks , Authority

  30. Manzurul Haque says:

    Ebarto dekhi aro ekti obastob kahinir janmo hochhe. Jail khanar gater talar chabir chhap ki oi bhave nea jai? Jatto shob bogas. Ki peyechhen apnara darshakder???
    Sabai ki apnader moto mota budhdhir manush? Shadharan gaan thakle kahini ebhabe goratona. Kobe apnader suvo budhdhir udoy hobe???????????????? Ebar ekta sunder conclusion soho shesh kore den please.

  31. Manzurul Haque says:

    Ma serial er jara authority tara ki pore serial ti dekhen? Eto bhalo ekta serial je eto taratari ter janapryota harachhe ta kalpanatit.Dohai apnader er parichalonar dike ektu najar din.Oph boring!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. Manzurul Haque says:

    Still Ma serial is my favourite but day by day feel boring because of poor direction. Majhe majhe khub rag hoi je er jara authority tara ki kichhui bojhe na? Tara ki amader moto shadharon dorshokder mon bhenge dichhe. E bhabe cholle ma dekha chhere debo ebong amar shathe aneke. Pl authority, edike ektu najar diben.

  33. Manzurul Haque says:

    Amra ebong amader porichitojonera Maa serial khubi pachando kore. kintu edaning khub boaring hoe uttechhe.Abastab kichhu jinish ekhane dekhano hoschhe jar kono jukti nei. Edike kotripokhher drist dea uchit, na hole khub taratari janapriota harabe. Poor direction.
    dine dine khuuuub boaring mone hoschhe.

  34. Naya says:

    I like “MAA”serial most.Jodio eta din jai boring tao amar khub bhalo lache.Amar Jhilik ke dheke khu kosto hochche je ekta child own home e fire giye ashol ma baba o bhai er sathe takte parche na.Amar Jhilik o Biltu khub bhalo lage.

  35. subhas modok says:

    Dear Mr. Ojha
    What we comment about Bou Katha Kou serial. It is now the lowest TRP Rating. As a result the serial did not able to bag any single Tele award. We do not understand why the producer continue the serial when there is few viewer. It is really a credit to Mr. Ojha how he converted the Top most serial to a worst serial. Please close the serial and relief them who still watching the Bou Katha Kou serial.

  36. samitmukherjee says:

    Jani apnader channeler sab serial kobe ses hobe ki bhabe publicity pabar jonno apna ra serial gulo atayanta boring bhabe tanben seta apnader opor nirbhor korche. tabu amra j hetu amra jabe theke Star jalsha start hoeche particularly anno kono channel dekhi na bollei chole.Kintu apna ra bhalo bhalo serial gulo k ajatha tene ato boring korchen kano?Bou katha kou ta k anek agei ses korte parten.”Maa” serial ta te pisi k director amon bhabe bhilen banachen j manuser pisir opor theke sardha bhalobasa uthe jabe.Anno channel gulo kintu serial gulo k ajatha na tene ses kore natun serial nia asche.ra sure j apnader TRP anek kome asche.Jadi emni bhabe ja ta koren to TRP akebare talani te ese thekbe.Pl.Amader katha ektu nhabun na please.

  37. samit mukherjee says: “MAA” serial ta ses karun.Apnara to sabai k nijer pisir opor theke bisas ta ses kore dichen.”MAA” serial tar nam ta palte pisir r fulkir torture kore din. E kamon direction. Are fulki jadi ma k nbole dai j o asal pari noi tate ki Pratima more Jabe?asal pari to achei tar kache. Akebare poor direction. Ar atyachar dekhte bhalo lagche na. Ebar ses kore anno kono serial start karun.

  38. samitmukherjee says:

    Ami jabe theke Star Jalsha start hoeche amra mane ami r amar wife bolte gale r anno kono channel dekhi na. Tai takhan bhishan kharap lage jakhan akta bhalo serial k apnara ses kore dichen. Jamon Bou katha kou. Khali flashback chara r ki kithu ache?Hatath kore Ishan k change kore dilen, Ami kano amader Durgapur a aneke Ogo Badhu Sundari r dekhche na.TRP talani te ese thekbe. Best serial Maa takeo typical saratchandred upponas er moto pisi r Fulki k bhilen bania r kato din tanben? please jhilik k or mar kache firia serial ta k ses karaun na. Tare ami chokhe dekhi ni ta ar kato din 6.30 er slot ankre pore thakbe? kata lok dakha eta. Charulata tao akebare jaghanna hoe utheche. Are Akhon Ruposi Bangla te anek bhalo bhalo serial cholche. Zee bangla teo tai apnader sunam ta k dhore rakhar chesta karun na please.

  39. Laura says:

    Tare ami chokhe dekhini k dakhe? ado ki keo dekhe? Kono shustho moshtishker manush er pokkhe ei serial ta dekha shombhob na. er theke ar baje howa shombhob na. obossho amio majhe majhe 5 mins dekhi(right before BKK) eita dekhar jonne j akta serial ar koto baje hote pare.

  40. Maitrayee Chakraborty says:

    Dear team of Bou Kotha Kou,
    we actual love to watch BKK but plz stop showing the flashback scenes.we r tired to watching the same drama in plz show something new, so that the serial would be much popular in star jalsa’s telesoaps.

  41. anamika sen says:

    bou kotha kou is a mind blowing serial it is beyond dubious,but at this current moment it is getting very hectic than previous episodes.But Riju and Manali both are charming and spontaineous in acting.


    please don’t separate MOURI AND NIKHIL because this will hamper the popularity of Bou Katha Kao

  43. samit mukherjee,Durgapur-12,Bidhannagar says:

    Age Bou katha kao chere kothao nartam na. Kintu Ato bhalo serial ta j ei bhabe janapriota harabe bhabteo dukha hoche. Akhon Bou katha dekhte akebare bhalo lagche na. Ki darkar chilo ato tanbar? dekhlen to akta gan chara r kono prize o pelo na Bou katha kou. Please ebar ses karun.

  44. Dear sir
    pls tare ami choke dekhini serial ta bandha karun, jadi na bandha karta paren tahole turki o ssidharta ke change karun. pls na hole amader moto anek darsak bheson bor hoccha,amar star jalsha best serial holo ogo badhu sundari ta labannaya charectar ta change karlen kano ei charecter bhalo lagecha na. pls sir, eai sab charecter dea bhalo serial ta ke kharap er dika nea jaben na pls.

  45. Madhumanti says:

    Hello i am madhumanti. Now is bes serial in Star Jalsha. I love this serial. And Madhuboni play the character of TORA is very goog.

  46. Madhumanti says:

    Hellow i am madhumanti. Now is bes serial in Star Jalsha. I love this serial. And Madhuboni play the character of TORA is very goog.

  47. samitmukherjee says:

    Maa serial ta jato bhalo hochilo akhon tototai biraktikar lagche. Ki darkar ato tanbar? pl akta bhalo serial ka bhalo bhabe ses karun na.Pisir charecter ta thik jatra party hoe jache. Uni bhule jachen j eta Jatra noi. Pl.ato baje kore deben na. Jhilik k baddo besi pakamo korte dakhano hoche. Are apnader darsak der katha ektu bhabben to? jaj saheb kotrai? eto khali female charecter rai dapia barache. Hoche ta ki????????

  48. kalpana. says:

    ekhane akash neel er golpotake ki kharap bhabe sesh korlen!ekta bhalo golpo bhandamo korte korte sesh holo. ki labh holo tate? jachhetai! bhaba jay na.

  49. meghla. says:

    ekhane akash neel er hia r hair style jodi abar ager moto curly kore den to khub bhalo hobe. dia r songe milbe ar hia r ager glamour tao asbe. plz….

  50. KAUSHIK MONDAL says:

    jodi akhon best serial choose korte bola hoi tahola bola satty tuf toba sabar theka agia rakhbo ogo bodhu sudari. kintu tare ami chokhe dakhini r nayak er acting amar ak dom bhalo noi.

  51. kalpana. says:

    je kono serial nirmata der kache onurodh. golpo gulo nijer ovinobotto harale, baje prosongo ene khamokha baraben na.sesh hoye jate din. tate apnader gurutto ebong ojon barbe.sokolei khushi hobe. interest niye dekhbe.ei rokom birokti niye dekhbe na. dekhte dekhte tired hoye dekha chere debe na. Durga ta ja hochhe. prasongikota sesh hole natok sesh korun. Megar dorkar nei, nijeder standerd ta bariye rakhun.

  52. kalpana. says:

    `tare ami chokhe dekhini`te turki ke ki ei 21st century te bose satya yuger `sita,`sabitri` r moto banate chaichen?je manush byabsa chalay, sonsar chalay, bhalo basar jonno oto jed kore lorai kore se shekhar er moto ekjon biswasghatak ke thakate pare na? se ki nijer bhalo basar protishruti r kotha bhule jete pare? bastab buddhi thakle seki tar somosya r kotha ssiddhartha ke ba kono bondhuke ba thamma ke bolto na? oto loraku meye take ekebare naram, boka, vejetabler moto baniye fellen? eta eke bare obastab hochhe. dekhte bosey darshak der irritating lagche. ektu bhabun plz!! tur ki kaukei nijer ei biyer rohosya r kotha bolte parche na? thog er songe shothota korle tobei to golpoer moja !!

  53. samitmukherjee says:

    Mourir Dance ta anabadda….;Darun laglo. Ebar Mourir nikhil er kache fire asa uchit. Sagar sen bhishon rakam over acting korchen. Pl. Onake overacting ta banda korte balun. Ogo badhu Sundari ato bhalo serial ta te Kaniska k akebare manache na. Bhishon akgheymi lagche, Raima r kaniskar kathopokothon. Pl. Ebar anno kithu bhabun.

  54. jayashree banerjee says:

    Hi I am jayashree banerjee, pl help me to give name & mobile number carecter of SAGAR SEN at bou katha kou. my contact number 9836980165
    thank you. all the best

  55. samitmukherjee says:

    Jato popular chilo Bou katha kao tatatai boring hhoe uthche. Please Jha saheb, ektu najar din. Amra public akhon bou katha kao avoid korchi. What is going on? Jak Ma serial a jhilik k atyachar chara r ki kithu hobe? please ato sahaje apnader sab serialer janapriota harate deben na. Amader bari te Star Jalsha chara r kith dakha hoe na. Amader moto public er katha ektu bhabun please.

  56. samitmukherjee says:

    I and my wife is a regular visitor of all the programmes of Star Jalsha since its begning.Best serial in this days is Ogo Badhu Sundari. We have somthing to say. Dont make boring with the torture sccen in “MAA” which is not an very wise direction. It is most old concept. Please stop this. Otherwise It is O.K. Please finish Tare ami Chokhe dekhini and Durga. It is becoming boring day by day.

  57. subhash modak says:

    bou katha kou is now one of the worst serial. Its t.r.p rate now going to be lowest. If there is nothing in stock pol. close the serial. most of the pepple who used to see the said serial now stopped viewing. It is warning for manali(mouri)tyat she loss popularity which may affect her carrier. warn the producer.

  58. kalpana. says:

    `ekhane akash neel` er golpotake please trikon premer golpo banaben na.hindi serial er moto na kore eitar ekta bishesotto rakhun. dekhan, je swami stri r dujoner biswas thik thakle kono shokti i tader alada korte pare na. borong duster i bar bar haar hoi. antoto 1ta serial theke ei generation biswsto ebong bhalo thaka jaye, eita shikhuk.bhalo der i bar bar haar hoi, ta dekhaben na.

  59. Bacchu says:

    10/12/09 now OGO BADHU SUNDARI serial lost real fact,what are you doing director?Now this serial is very bad.

  60. Surajit Pal says:

    Dear Sandipa(Durga),
    I am a big fan of are acted very well.I want to see you at a glance.
    If u do that so please reply on contact no. Or 9239334356.

  61. Dear Miss Manali,
    This mail is only for you, because what kind of fight you are fightting for boath of you(Nikil & you) do you know what prooves it? ” That Is LOVE IS NOTHING BUT A TRUE FELLING FOR EACH OTHER” I, wishing sucess in your life.
    I have nothing to hide so if you want to reply me then you can at

  62. Pritha Sur says:

    Plz mail me ur email id or contact i want to send my snaps for acting.i really want to ba a part of Star Jalsha.I knw i hv the ability and capability of doing acting……Please do response it………

  63. Ritesh Santra says:

    I am an Engineer of age 23,I want to give audition for bengali serial …plz give me a chance

  64. Patrali says:

    I want to act in your television show…what is the procedure….
    Please reply me……..

  65. Prasit Mukherjee says:

    ami march’09 theka “Bou Katha Kao” dekchi. kintu ekhan Mourir abhinay vishan boaring lagchey, kenona “O” sab samay je kono dialogue bolche jeno atanka tara kore barechha emon tar mukher expression dekhe mone hochay. ektu sabolil vanghi te sadharan dialogue bolte parchay na? r besh kichu din shudhu 24 ghanta kende cholachay keno?

  66. Monalisa Poit says:

    Dear Mr.Ojha,
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    ami anek roga hoye gechi,aaro hobo.
    Sir mota meye der ki industry te kono jaiga nei?????? Bou katha kau er gunja age kato mota chilo but ekhon kato slim hoye geche.
    Sir I want to give audition for bengali serial …plz give me a chance.plz, send me your e-mail address or contact no. with the contact person’s name.
    thank you.

  67. Poulomi says:

    Star Jalsha is my most favorite bengali entertainment channel.I am very much interested to join Star Jalsha family.So pls send me your e-mail adrs or postal adrs that i can send you my snaps and other necessary details.Pls pls pls pls…waiting for your reply.

  68. Dear Star Jalsa,
    I want to Acting in ur chhanel,if u see my profile u can cont me [Kolkata].

  69. swarup says:

    plz bring back PARNO we just simply love her.

  70. pinu. says:

    `ekhane akash neel er repeat telecast kokhon hoi, seta jodi 7.30 p.m er telecast et somoy i
    niche lekha diye janiye den to khub bhalo hoi.
    sondhye bela kono karone ei ta na dekha hole ar kono somoy dekhte paoa jachhe na. khub kharap lage. eta eto bhalo serial. onno sob gulo to onek bar kore repeat hoi, eta kano dichhen na, arek bar to deben!

  71. kaushik says:

    ami sudhu matro akjon kei dekhi………………………………se holo lolita.

  72. Haran Mondal says:

    Dear Star Jalsha,

    Good Morning.
    I & our Family very much see Star Jalsha Serial. I requested to Free Channel not Pay Channel of Star Jalsha.
    If we see Free channel Star Jalsha, then GRP Always High, if pay channel then down below.

    We hope you cosider our request.
    Thanks & Best Regards
    Haran Mondal

  73. Dipanjay Mehra says:

    plz, send me yr e-mail address or contact no. with the contact person name, as i want send my bio-date with my snaps for playing any type of role in your upcoming serials. I am doing acting from last two years in a theatre group named “Theatre Prosenium” based in kolkata. I love acting and i do as per your requirements. plz do the needful.

  74. I want the title song of Durga serial…..”tomar asar abhash pele..”…please……

  75. Suparna says:

    Bou Katha Kao- just fatafati. Kintu sad thing, ami mourider reunion dekhte paini. Oi episodegulo ki kono bhabe abar dekha jabe. by some downloadable files or anything. please. ar ha, hats off to Nikhil and Mouri. oder acting durdanto. tahanks Star Jalsa.

  76. SANJAY ROY says:

    I shall be grateful if you kindly intimate me the details of the CD on chandipath that is played in the bengali serial DURGA in the STAR JALSHA(BENGALI)channel.

  77. gopa das says:

    Myself gopa das.I stay in howrah. I have passed MBA in this year(2009). I want to know about the audition procedure and time. I want to give an audition for bengali serial . I am an odissi dancer. My mail address
    need help.
    thanking you..

  78. Manutpal Chaudhuri says:

    star jalsa is the best. each serial is very very good. i want stotra and tomar asar abhash peye from DURGA. plz help me.

  79. Bidyut Ghosh says:

    Bou kotha kou ta dekhe amar mone hoche r onno kono serial dekhi, just mind blowing, kep it up….

  80. HK Sadequin, M.D. says:

    I am from Bangladesh, a soap-opera hater but even I cannot refrain myself from watching ‘Durga’ and ‘Ogo Bodhu Sundari’. Great achievement from StarTV!

  81. swarup says:

    PARNO MITTRA as NEERA in bou katha kou is the most versatile actress.She acts really very well.Make her character more important.She is better than MANALI DE.

  82. Atanu says:

    sir, you side very smart

  83. suman says:

    i want 2 know the first week GRP of ur esteemed channel

  84. Shilpi says:

    Camera panning arektu bhalo hoya dorkar. Family drama ektu beshidin akjaigai rotate korlei yakgheye hoye jai. Ebar ektu Outdoor shooting aar kichhu action haoa dorkaar….nohole sheshe kintu shei tingheye shur gaite hobe…

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    I have recently auditioned for Unish Kuri Face Next at Swabhumi, not finally got through, want a break in a serial, send me some information through which I can reach you.

    I am ready to give auditions, please do get in touch with me through mails.

  89. Dipak Guin says:

    i want to know about to your channel in hardware & networking dept. Because i want you working in your channel .i am a technecion,now i working in star ananada

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  91. Avik Banerjee says:

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  95. Pratima...... says:

    I am an graduate of age 20,I want to give audition for bengali serial …plz give me a chance

  96. ranu.. says:

    notun dharabahik `ogo bodhu sundori`r nayika jake korechen,ekebare manachhe na! meyetir acting skill is `0`.dekhteo bhalo noi,or cheye je or bon er bhumika kore se onek good looking!ar sorbopori nayikar tone quality khub kharap. oke replace kora jay na? jamon bou kotha kou e nira ke korechilen!kinba nikhil er babake!
    tahole khub bhalo hoi, nayikar jonno serial ta dekhte khub kharap lage.eto kharap obhinoi diye sara serial tanben ki kore!

  97. megha. says:

    `ichhedana` r golpota ki kharap hoye jachhe. shreya r problem niye barabari ta sojhye r sima chariye jachhe.nandini police hoyeo boner chalaki dhorte parche na? chondra nibha r maa eto kharap r mithye badi hole, sei manusher chele chandra r moto bhalo chele hoy ki kore!or maa ke ki vilen kore ana hoyeche?parama ke to ar kotodin dekhai jai na!
    golpo gulor modhye somosya anun, kintu bastob bhabe anun!

  98. Meghla. says:

    `ekhane akash nil`e ujan je type er manush, tara nijer commitment bhule jai na kokhono. kintu, golpe hia ke sob somoy khushi rakhar commitment thakche ki? ja ujan phoolsojya r rate voice recorder e korechilo? or byabohar ki ektu beshi impractical hochhe na?
    ar hia r biyer por makeup eto kharap korechen kano? ajkal kono meyei ki sarakhon sari pore ei rokom `alubhate`r motonetiye thake? hiar biyer ager smart looking ta kothay galo!!shi looks so unsmart! charmless! why?
    plz! change her lookings.

  99. subrata sen says:

    manali(mouri) gram-banglar ghare..ghare-e pongche geche tar real acting-er jannyo. gram-banglar nijaswata tar baichitra tule dhareche tar abhinoy gune.

  100. Ashis Roy says:

    I am 22 yrs old….. ami acting korte chai…. plz plz plz give me a chance………….kothai contact korbo bolben… ami photo niye jabo…plz janaben….

  101. Sourav Mazumder says:

    I am 22 years old and am an engineering student. I want a chance to act in serial. Plz give me chance. Plz reply…

  102. Prasenjit says:

    mouri r character je koreche……maane Manali De…ok diye jeno r serial korano hoi…..
    Bou katha kou serial darun cholche……chali jaan…eto sahaje jeno sesh na hoi
    r 1ta request… galpo tai jeno sesh porjontyo Nikhil er jibon e Mouri thake Nira noi

  103. kalpana. says:

    “ekhane akash neel` er Ujan r Hia r honeymoon ta ki baad i hoye galo? ektu deri holeo ota dekhan plz! ar oder notun bibahito jibon er kichu misti din er chobir jonno sob darshak wait kore ache. kono somosya kei beshi dirgho korben na please! seta keui pochondo korche na.eto bhalo ekta serial ke kebol somosya ene ene nosto kore felben na ei onurodh!

  104. sumita says:

    thanks for Bou katha kao and mouri..we want her makeover,pl send this Nikhil to abroad and let Mouri grooms her up & when he comes bk..falls in love with Mouri and forgets this Neera thing!

  105. sumita says:

    Dear Mr.Ojha..
    thank you for giving us such a beautiful teleserial ‘Bou Katha kao’.! But there’s some confusion ..when Nikhil as a hero done a great thing by saving the life of Mouri then why is he hell bent on destroying the life of such an innocent girl?
    we need a makeover of Mouri..after getting she must groom herself the Nikhil must go abroad without divorcing her and when he comes back and sees Mouri in new Avatar ..goes head over heels for her and forgets this Neera thing forever..thats what we want..hats of to Mouri awsome acting and lomg live Bou katha kao…..thnks sumita

  106. KOUSHIK says:

    bou katha kou-er mouri durdanta avinay korche, kintu star tely samman best actress award pelo durga! just bhaba jay na!!!!

  107. bou katha kou ta ka ki bhabe agia b nia jachen? jani na nira ba mouri kake rakhben kake phelben Tobe nira kintu bhalo basleo vilen hoe porche.Vivel shyambar ta ki bando hobe na? ki bhishan boring programme. ei progr. er TRP amar mone hoe 0. Please ato bhalo channel a ei jatio progr. anben na.

  108. indira mazumdar says:

    I am an Engineer of age 22,I want to give audition for bengali serial …plz give me a chance

  109. soumen ghosh says:

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  110. Munmun says:

    plz mail me ur email id or contact i want to send my snaps for anchoring

  111. Mona, New Delhi says:

    Star Jalsha sotti bangla television e bhinno shader sob onushthan shuru kore ekta darun drishthanto staphon kore apamor Bangalir money notun udipponar srishti koreche.. nishondehe darun kaaj koreche ei channel ti.. kudos! Oporer eto comments pore ektai bottomline berochhe j Mouri ke bodlano ta khubi dorkar.. karon Star Jalshar i kothai bolbo – Cholo Paltai Kichu kore Dekhai.. Amar shoshur-moshai ei channel er pray sob onushthan i khub mon diye dekhen, bisesh kore Bou Kotha Kou serial tar sathe nijeke emon bhabe joriye felechen j Mourir choritro tikey ekebaare bastober bhabte shuru korechen.. ar onar jonno ekhon ei Delhi tey bosheo majhe majhe lobhe pore amio serial ti dekhe feli. Amar shoshur-moshai er moto baki sobai o jokhon Mouri ke niye eto chintito tahole production house ero ekta duty roye jay dorshok der proti..tai noy ki? Sesh korar aage ekta kotha aro bolbo.. marriage is an institution, amader jiboney er significance ta onek khani.. kotogulo dumbo type chele-meyeder eksathe joro korey lok hashiye ei bhabe so-called “Swayamvar” sajanor ki ortho ta ontoto amar mathay ashlo na.. Star Jalsha r jonno roilo amar onek onek bhalobasha.. ar subhechha!!

  112. mona says:

    ami jadio ba apnader channel er kono serial dekhi na tabu amar sasur er mukhe apnader sab serial er khabar rakhi. Ami Delhi te thaki tai ekhane Star jalsa dakha hoe othe na. Jadio ba amar Tata Sky T.V. ache tobu amra mainly office theke fire hindi serial movie dekhi. Tobu ja sunechi tate mone hoe mouri k ektu smart kore dakhale public khabe. Ar nirar nakami ta jate taratari Nikhil bujte pare seta kore dakhan.

  113. sriparna dasgupta says:

    I am also a great fan of “Bou katha kou”.I want to invite all members of orkut to join the community of ‘Bou katha kau’,entertainment category.Pls whose are crazy about this serial,join this community.

  114. Juin Chowdhury says:

    Please Dada, try to highlight the qualities of MOURI instead of highlighting the great bonding of Hindu Marriage.

    Mouri will has to fight with Neera and prove her efficiency. She is not “taken for granted” to Nikhil. She can defeat Neera by her talent, patience, beauty and smartness (modern dress).

  115. lisha says:

    every one is saying the same thing.this bou katha kou is getting worse but as we are so deeply involved with the characters in our mind that we can’t leave it either.mouri has become a sloth,she can’t even walk! being such a notorious girl.even if one misses the soap for few month he/she can catch it at the same story line(even same scenes)after any tme.nikhil is also constantly getting closer to neera(hanging,drinking,sleeping,dancing etc etc)now even if certainly oneday he feels for mouri can there be any respect for nikhil’s character.can we?what is suject line then— accept someone who is constantly using himself with the other woman for such a long period,despite that man being yours.please show some positve rays in this serial.we dont want to see the constant shiverings & shakings of mouri in this hot weather.

  116. Thanks j apnara Vivel shayambar ta ses korchen. Satyi ki bore r ghatia programme ta apnara apnader ato favourite channel a anlen? ebar bole j Bou katha kou is the best serial. Tobe ageo bolechi abar bolchi j Flash back gulo ektu kam karun. emni te 20 minute hoe advertisement bad dia tarpor aton jadi flashback sceen thake birokto lage. Ar galpa ta te Mouri k upper hand kore tulun please eta korle sabai khub khushi hobe. Mourir kasto r dakha jache na.

  117. Monalisa says:


  118. MOLOY RAHA (Lawyer) says:

    Sir / Madam,

    Pl. give me your star studio Phone No., Contact person name, e-mail address with office address details for sending of my profile, photo etc. for acting of serial etc. This is my most important hobby.

    Thanking you,

    Yours faithfully,

    Moloy Raha (Lawyer)
    P.S. – Ghola,
    Post – jugberia
    Kolkata – 110
    Phone no.: 98302 84240 / 98314 55632

  119. Sorry abar comment dichi. Vivel Shyambar programme ta Star Jalsha te sab theke boring r ghatia. Kar matha theke ei concept ta elo? please apnader channel er akta sunam ache. Ato baje programme dekhaben na. Amar mone hoe ei programme er TRP akebare kharap. Pl ektu bhabben.

  120. subhas Modak says:

    one months earlier, I comment that you turn the story of Bou Katha Kou in such a corner that most of the viewers are not interested to see the serial. You are well aware that TRP rate of bou katha kou is continiously decreasing due to continious negative roll of nikhil with mouri. If you do not take any leason every body feels that within a few month this serial will be under lowest TRP rate like other bengali and Hindi serial. Dont mess such a beafutiful serial to a nasty one.

  121. mantu says:

    amar durga seriale daminir acting ta khub valo lage. khub valo fotate parchhe bole amader onar upor khub rag hoy. amar dida onake dekhle rege jay. durga o khub valo korchhe.



  123. Diya says:

    “Bou katha kou” is my favouriate serial Of star Jalsa .Mouri ke khub valo lage.She is so cute n sweet ki bhalo acting korche. Nikhil is also very good. but i just dont like Neera besi nakamo kore r or acting o ekdom baje.

  124. NEERA DEV says:


  125. sangita ghosal says:

    Hi ami sangita ghosal,
    amar regular star jalsar darshak.Amar mone hoi damini-r badha deoya uchit noi Dr.Biswass, treatment rupam ke sustha hoi tolar jannya.Kintu rosya akhon no roiche.DURGA-R JE UNISH bochore je phara achche ta ki pariya asthe parbe?.Ian 16-years old student from class-x.ami miss kora porbo ami rat 11:30 dekhe nie, jadiyo sabai baka boki kore kintu rate tution thakai 8:30 porbo miss kori tobua sab somai na.

  126. sangita says:

    amar durga dekhta kubh bhalo lage.damini-r uchit durga ke rupam-r shree bole mane naoya.

  127. Sanhita Bhattacharyya says:

    achcha…is ekhane aakash neel about to end???Hiya aar ujaaner biye hoye gele ki EAN sesh hoye jaabe???Please help!!

  128. reema ray says:

    bou katha kou is the best serial of entire all bengali serials,i like it very much,thanks star jalsha for giving us most beautiful serials.

  129. sangita ghosal
    amar mone hoi akhane akash neel,ujan& hiya pair kubh bhalo.It is full of romance and hot ujan chakroborty is hit.SO, AKHANE AKASH NEEL is hit,all the thanks to star jalsa production to give a different spice to us and my one of the favourite serial is “DURGA” & POLITICAL WITH FAMILY MIX AND MATCH “NEER BHANGA JHAR”.tHANKS FOR PRESENTING SELECTIVE STORIES DIFFERENT TASTE THAN ANY OTHERS.

  130. shivam says:

    Ekhane Akash neel is the best….one. I like it the most. It is different from all others.This is free of compication.The Ujaan and Hiya are the best pair.

  131. BOU KOTHA KOU SR. Gunjar acting khub bhalo,
    Badsha Maitra Excellant, Mouri Bhalo, Anusua
    Mazumder Excellant tobe ekto overacting hochhe,Mouris sashuri acting bhalo, Mouri act
    very good, Nikhil very good tobe voice jore bolle
    bhes husky.

  132. lisha says:

    bou katha kou is my best serial kintu serialer director ke amader ekta request je plz dont make such wonderful serial to become bore like kyun ki saas bhi kabhi bahu thi,bidaai,kahani ghar ghar ki etc.why cant we people make good endings maintaining equal interest as was in the first few episodes.hope there is no such rule in india to continue one serial for ten years instead of showing 10 interesting serials for that period.

  133. Bou Katha kou ta bes bhalo lagche. Anusua Majumdar er character ta ektu over acting hoe jache.Nikhik er gala bes bosa ba defective. Ok jore katha bolte hoe. Mouri Bes bhalo kintu ok r ektu smart karun. Or sari oporar dhran ta paltan. mota muti serial ta bes bhalo. Flash back sceen ato dakhaben na.

  134. samitmukherjee Durgapur Bidhannagar 12 Sec 2a says:

    Bou katha kou serial ta bes bhal lagche. Kintu Anusua majumdar er charecter ta bes over acting hoe jache. Nokhil er voice ta bhalo noe. Jore katha bolte hoe. Mouri k bes lage ok ektu ebar smart karun ar educated karun

  135. Juin Chowdhury says:

    “Bou Katha Kou” serial ta darun. Ami ratre 11 ta porjonto jege thaki sudhhu ota dekhar jonno. Mouri ke ektu modern to kora jai. Modern meye-o toh valo hoi!!. Jodi kajer lokera nijeder update korte pare, tahole MOURI’r moto intelligent meye keno hobe na. OK eo ektu college-e vorti korle kemon hoi!!.

    Jakge… se apnara director, ja valo bojhen korun…. amake janate paren …. Mouri’r Sasuri Maa-er Saree gulo kon boutique supply kore. Really Sarees of Mouri-r Sasuri, Mami Sasuri & Rangan-er Maa are tooo good. Janan please….

  136. samitmukherjee bidhannagar Durgapur 12 says:

    durga serial a durgar charecter er nam ki? nayna mane ekhane akas niler charecter r Durga ki same female?

  137. samitmukherjee Durgapur Bidhannagar 12 Sec 2a says:

    please amar ager commnets ta ektu kheyal rakhben. apnara mouri k saharer meyer moto sari poran. Ok aro smartly present karun. Nira charecter ta to villen hoe jache. Please ebar mourir kathai kathai chup kore thaka ar chokher jal fela ta please banda karun. Ebar ok ektu space din sabarir bhalo lagbe.

  138. samitmukherjee bidhannagar Durgapur 12 says:

    Ami akjan Star jalsar fan. ami ar amar Mrs. sab serial ,cinema dekhi. Amar Bou katha kao sab theke bhalo lagche, Tobe ami ei serial er director k request korchi ja Mouri k ektu smart korbar jonno. Ajkal kono gramer mey ato soja saral boka hoe na. Please mouri k r nira ba nilimader kache choto na kore ok darun smart r educated kore present karun.

  139. SUSHIT says:

    Hi, Ami SUSHIT, apnader serial ta ami pratidin deki, tai ekta suggest korchi, je mouri r look up ta change kore city girl-der moto karun, jate nikhil er choke pore.
    Ar ekta holo, neerar badmishigulo jano neerar ma nikhil ke bole.

  140. Sanhita Bhattacharyya says:

    Ekhane Akaash Neel is my all time favorite!!Maa shobshomay jalsha dekhe-ektao serial miss korena!!Ami EAN dekhi ta chcharao shomoy pele Bou Kotha Kou dekhi!!Ami Rrisshi Kaushik er khub boro fan ar Aparajita is a great actress-she is definitely here to stay!!Amar to shotti shotti mone hochchilo je o paralysed hoye geche…….I think she did a marvellous job!!!!

  141. subhas Modak says:

    A few lines for the producer particularly story teller. I am a exeutive of Govt. Sponsored Body. I used to see differnt type of serial. though I am very busy with my work.
    It is my observation that serial ” Bou Katha Kou” is the most favourite serial among all the viewers, particualrly the Character of Mouri. I just remind you do not mess the serial. Keep suspense but always show the joy for the honesty, otherwise its popularity will declined sharply. This is not the view of mine, view of so many viewers.

  142. Kaustav says:

    Parno Mitra as Nira is great.All of us like her acting skill,dialogue delivery,her style and her screen presence.I want to see her in every scenes of Bou katha kou.She is so nice and pretty.Also the character of Didan,Nikhil,Gunja and Pranati aunty is also very nice and entertaining.

  143. Kaustav says:

    Parno Mitra is a great actress.I want to see more scenes of her with Nikhil.They also share a great chemistry.Please make her character more important.From her first serial MOHONA i am her ardent fan.All of our friends love the characters of Nikhil,Nira,Gunja,Pranati aunty and Rangan.BOU KOTHA KOU rocks.

  144. RANAJIT says:

    PARNO MITRA & ANINDITA, Nikhil’s girl friend and elder sister in Bou Katha Kau, are two most useless character, ugly looking, can not speak Bengali properly, must be kicked out.
    MOURI – MANALI DEY is a nice girl and has a bright future.

  145. KK says:

    please send me the name of the actresses acting in Bou Kotha Kou!!!!!

  146. Chaitali says:

    After returning home from office i watch the only entertainment channel is STAR JALSA. Really i like most of the serials like – Bou Katha Kou, ekhane aakash neel, neer bhanga jor & durga. But due to time constrain its not always possible to watch each and every episode. I like the character sketch of MOURI very much. She is very secret from heart, so enthusiastic, having so much of patience, good in studies………she got the scholarship also……but in the serial MOURI is not aware of that fact.

    One request pls give a chance to MOURI for higher studies, make her and other people of her family aware of the fact that she is not inferior that others. She can give good competition to others.

    And we also want to see all these serials online, so that we dont miss any of the episodes of the above mentioned serials pls pls.

    Thanks in advance and best of luck to your entire unit to STAR JALSA.

  147. Hi i am kaustab biswas.student of gurunanak instritute.
    I wanna actng in ur chanel. . . .i realy njoy this serial ‘ nir vanga jhor’ bou kotha kou. .

  148. Saikat says:

    Hi!Everyone, this is Saikat. I appreciate good quality products,but all of you hav no taste & choice of good things. Bou Katha Kao is the stupidest,boring & thrdclass soap telecasted ever in Bengal.It is full of flashback scenes,sloppy acting & bad editing.On the othr hand Ekhane Aakash Neel is the montage of love.Its story line is beautiful,vibrant,frsh & eye soothing.In the department of acting Nikhil & Mouri r no where near to that level of acting by Rrishii & Aparajita.Their on screen chemestry is just superb.They look like real couple at times.The story line is free from any family based complications & quarrels.For all this reasons i religiously watch EAN.Hope u people also be able to choose the best among the lot.Thanx Star Jalsa,Anindya da 4 telecasting such a beautiful fairy tail like EAN. Luv u Ean & Star Jalsa.Bye.Have a good time.

  149. pritha says:

    ami pritha,amar best serial “Bou Katha Kao”….mouri awesome….nikhil o valo…kintu majhe majhe baro barabari kare….r neera to asojhyo….but didaan is gr8….gr8 acting…kakai o khub valo…..r mouri r bari r sabai vison cute….
    ‘ekhane akash neel’ o valo….kintu recently ektu boring hoye jacche….ager ujaan-hiyar sei chemistry ta jano kothay hariye gache….so hoping byapar gulo abar fire pabo taratari….all the best….Star Jalsha really outstanding….hathat kore damka snigdho bataash er mato sundor…eram e theko….

  150. debdut mitra says:

    ami nikhil er asol nam ta jante chai

  151. Pink says:

    amar Bandhan r Bou Kotha Kau serial 2to khub bhalo lage,best shows.thanx to Star Jalsa.

  152. Sudeshna Bagchi says:

    Hi!this is sudeshna,student of Journalism and Mass Communication I’m a daily watcher of Star Jalsa’s Shows.’BOU KOTHA KAO’ is my favr8 serial.I like nikhil a lot.i also like mouri….she is playing a fantabulous character.but i want to see MOURI in modern looks and not in hertypical rural looks,ofcourse not changing her character.thanks to star jalsa for giving us such a beautiful serial.all the best.STAR JALSA just ROCKS.

  153. Zoom Mukherji says:

    Im a daily watcher of Star Jalsa’s Shows. Bou katha kao is my favr8 serial.I like mouri very much & i wnt 2 b like her at my saural.I also like Gunja, she is playing a marvellus character.I also like Ujjan & Hiya, their chemistry is superb.If u extend the time of Star Studio, then I wll b very gratefull. Ecche dana is also a very swt serial.Bt 4 pat few days Bandhan was became very bogus serial, we cant watch it with our elders & youngers s some bad language was used by Kushal Chakraborty. All the best. Star Jalsa jst Rocks… Chalo paltai….. we youngers r very greatfull 2 ur team 4 givng us a wonderfull channels 4 our Youth……

  154. Mon says:

    Please Bou Kotha Kou serial ta website e dekhan….

  155. anu says:

    Apnara Bou Kotha Kou ar Youtube show ti internet dekhan,

  156. anu says:

    Ami Bou Kotha Kou Three time dekhi. Please apnara MANALI And Riju Ka Apnader Web side dekhan. Nira Khub nakami kora, amar akdom bhalo laga na, Ajker juga ato bhalo bou (Mouri) Nikhil kono din paba na , Ami janta chi ki bhaba nikhil and mouri,r bhalobasa hoba, Serial ta akgha hoya gacha , Apnader ochit Mourir Cholarship ar khabor ta mouri ka janano. Or porasona kora ochit.Akta Village girl ka sujug din jata o City,s Girl der moto nakami na kora Boro hota para,

  157. Tiger says:

    What is the real name of nira in bou katha kao? I like her very much.

  158. Oli says:

    khub bhalo lage ekhane akash neel! roj antato dubar dekhi, 7:30pm ar 10:30pm e! majhe majhe samay pele porer din o dekhi! ujan-hiyar prem ar junior doctors der khunsuti dekhte khub bhalo lage, bishesato kaushani ar sourav er marpit! achchha ora ki ebar couple hobe? ar tota ke abar kabe dekhte pabo?

  159. anu sk says:

    Apnara apnader webside a Serial ti jodi dekhata paren to khub bhalo hai Bou Kotha Kou 7p.m

  160. anu sk says:

    Ami anu, ami starjalsha;s akjon darshak. Ami Bou Kotha Kou Serial Protidin 7.00pm dekhi . Amar Nikhil and Mouri Ka Khub Bhalo Laga. Nira ka Akdub Bhalo Laga na.Please, Nira ka Amar dekta iccha kora na. Koba Nokhil Mouri ka bhalobhasba , anakdin to Biya hoyacha odher. Nikhil ar Bou Or room a thaka ochit.

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