STAR Plus presents a new reality show- LUX Perfect Bride

STAR Plus presents a new reality show- LUX Perfect Bride

STAR Plus presents a new reality show- LUX Perfect Bride

STAR Plus presents a new reality show- LUX Perfect Bride

Every boy’s dream to have a perfect bride and every mothers dream to have the perfect bahu will come alive on STAR Plus. Beginning September 12th 2009 Monday to Friday at 10.30 pm and Saturday & Sunday at 10 pm, viewers will be privy to a 13 week journey of 10 beautiful girls and 5 eligible boys as they come together in search of India’s Perfect Bride, along with the boy’s mother for company. In an attempt to impress the boys and their mothers, the 10 eligible girls will put their best foot forward through tasks that will get them closer to winning the coveted title while viewers continue to support them with their votes. The boys are also set to display their grit by undergoing various tasks that will test their physical and emotional abilities to win the Perfect Bride.

Keeping a close watch on the participants; relationship experts and mentors Amrita Rao, Shekhar Suman and Mallaika Arora Khan will guide the participants in making key decisions in shortlisting their ideal match, while gorgeous Megha Gupta and handsome Vishal Malhotra anchor the show.

Highlighting one of the most important elements of Indian culture- the arranged marriage, the format of the show allows the participants to get to know each other while shortlisting their perfect bride. The show promises to deliver high drama with an array of emotions; jealousy, intense rivalry, happiness, enthusiasm, and love as the girls find the perfect balance between winning the boy’s heart and match his mother’s expectations to become India’s Perfect Bride.

Commenting on the launch of the show, Anupama Mandloi, Sr. Creative Director, STAR Plus said, “Marriage is undoubtedly the most desired attribute in our society. This show presents the concept of marriage in the true Indian spirit where girls marry not just the man of their choice but also a family. The dynamics of these relationships will be captured in this show. Independent choice subtly driven by the elders as well as the conflict between desire and long term relationships will all play out in real. We hope the show will resonate with everyone in the family because there is something for everyone in this show.”

From Mother – Son conflicts and arguments, to competing young girls for the title of Perfect Bride, LUX Perfect Bride promises high drama and emotional peaks and troughs as India makes a unanimous choice.

The mother’s hunt for an ideal bahu and the son’s hunt for the ideal wife begins with LUX Perfect Bride.

12 Responses

  1. samera says:

    i think star plus did cheating with priyanka sharma, actual winner is priyanka, but they made rumpa for tis season winner , becoz her family was ready to get her wedding on set of perfect bride , so they made rumpa for tis season a winner. but they cheat to public n all viewer who only vote to plus chane deceision n made rumpa winner. becoz rajbir family was not ready on set for weddding wit priyanka, so thats y? they made rumpa perfect bride , she does ‘ nt deserve tis tittle , star plus play wit all viewers heart.

  2. swati says:

    Bhakhari Hipopotamus ma ki bhikhari auld Rumpa, you got 25 Lac in bhikh so do veshyagiri of Gunda Hitesh for your rest of life.

  3. anu says:

    i love the couple of yashdeep and gulpreet….. they both r made for each other .. pls yash i want u 2 understand her love. she loves u so much… and mummy ji aap bhi maan jao.. according 2 me they r the perfect couple in this world

  4. syeda says:

    i enjoy watching perfect bride, but i am disturbed2c d bullying dat goes on by hitesh, i cant belive d presenters didnt step in and warn hitesh wid viveks incident(dat was out of order).i mean has hitesh dad bought all d hosts or summet? I now feel maybe its a set up otherwise u all r plain stupid4letting hitesh behave like a gunda wid evry1,i stil cant belive he spoke2d presenter rudely pointin his fingers at him(&got away wid it again!). N dat rumpa shes definatly desperate2b wid d gunda. N gulpreet i dislike after seeing her stirring behaviour. Priyanka has2win otherwise al know 4sure dat d show was fake 100%!

  5. hana says:

    i loveeeee lux perfect bride.It is very nice iam from calicut.i will see all the days.when yesh and nanditha get out from this then i cry then my mother scold me for this u are crying .but now the perfect bride is im sad but any one jodi will win know. what a nice tv show was this .for creating like this show thanks to star plus and their representivities. plzzzzz read this comment to my dear lux perfect bride members and to rajbir,hitesh,roompa,priyanka and to rakhi sawant and to perfect bride viewers

  6. jaya says:

    Priyanka and Rajbir are very true not at all fake. The tears r very real and happens and she is a perfect bride above all a perfect Indian girl. One can feel her thoughts . there is no medicine for jealousy and gossips.Gurpreeth was good looking and sweet but her charector has ruined her personality. Rupa I pitty I still wish If something happened and she was saved from that MOTHER AND SON.They are just bothered to win with any girl

  7. Sangita says:

    perfect bride only priyanka for sure

  8. sha says:

    hi rajbir & priyanka my vote 2 u

  9. chintu says:

    ya priyanka’s n Rajbir jodi is superbbbbbbb!!!!!!!!!!T

  10. Preeti says:


  11. priyaa says:

    i think lux perfect bride show sponser by hetesh father coz he is a very rich man. i want to tell lux perfect bride production team that don’t try to play millions of peoples heart and giving mom of the week to hetesh mom and bride of the week to rumpa everyone knows 99 percent people hate hetesh mom also rumpa very few people support her. the majority of people support to priyanka but they are not giving this week bride of the week this is bullshit i don’t believe all fakes.

  12. she says:

    gurpreet **** u . i pray god next time gurpreet will out to the show . gurpreet will not get yashdeep. so don’t dream for him fucking gurpreet .

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