New Year Special line-up on Vijay TV – 1st January 2013



Say goodbye to year 2012 and welcome a brand new 2013 year with a broad smile as Vijay ushers in the New Year with an array of shows that would provide absolute entertainment.

On the eve of New Year, December 31, 2012 at 11.30 pm watch ‘Wishes 2013’ wherein the biggest stars and celebrities come forward to wish the viewers a very happy new year 2013!

On Tuesday 01 January, the New Year 2012 kicks off with an auspicious beginning; ‘Aandupalan’. An insight into what the New Year has in store for us will be revealed by a popular astrologer.  Also an interesting trivia on celebrity horoscopes and zodiacs predicting their biggest mements during the year will be aired.  Do not miss to watch this forecast on Jan 01 at 7 am.

At 8 am Cinema 2012 features a looking back at the year’s biggest hit movies with exclusive bytes from celebrities associated with the film.  Snippets and the most memorable scenes from the film will be telecast on the show.

  And The Award Goes To…Winners Of Sixth Annual Vijay Awards 2012

At 9 am watch ‘Neeya Nana’ special will feature achievers from various fields.  They discuss about the secret of success and they are being recognized and awarded on the show.

Do not miss to watch this special Neeya Nana awards at 9 am.

At 6 pm ‘Vijay TV 2012’ – A run down of the most popular shows that had the audience hooked to the Channel through out the year 2012.  With the best moments from Vijay Awards, Super Singer, Vijay Music Awards, Namma Veetu Kalyanam and so on.

At 8 pm ‘Yuvan Live @ KLIMF – First Look’ – The show brings you the grand prelude to the staggering concert that rocked Kuala Lumpur.  With special performances by leading singers, Vijay TV presents you the most happening show that pleased fans from the city.

At 11 am Vijay TV Premieres SAATAI – ‘Given the ideal environment, students in Government schools can be as efficient as their peers in private schools, or even excel them.  And the onus of creating the healthy ambience vests with teachers’ – is the straight message of the film ‘Saatai’.

  Yuvan Live in Concert Goes on Air – 11th & 12th Feb on Vijay TV

‘Saatai’ revolves around dynamics in government schools, vividly explains, prompting introspection by teachers, and parents and students as well, into their respective responsibilities.  The movie is a morale booster for school students!  ‘Saatai’ will sure serve the purpose of infusing a sense of purpose into teaching and making teachers realize how they could function as change agents in society.  A must watch film at 11 am only on Vijay TV.

Vijay TV Premieres REAL STEEL at 3 pm – Real Steel is a American science fiction sports drama film starring Hugh Jackman and Dakota Goyo and co-produced and directed by Shawn Levy.  Hugh Jackman enthralls us with yet another sci-f hit flick.  Don’t Miss Real Steel which was nominated for the academy awards in 2011.

Vijay is all set to provide a visual treat to its viewers with its New Year Special line up ‘New Year 2013’. Don’t miss to watch them all!!  Vijay TV wishes all the viewers a very happy and prosperous New Year 2013.

  Ungalil Yaar Prabhudeva Launches on 11 Dec at 7 P.M On Vijay TV

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