Vijay TV’s Jodi No.1 Season 4 Judges

Gokul Secret Garden Jodi No.1 Season 4

Gokul Secret Garden Jodi No.1 Season 4

Vijay TV’s Jodi No.1 Season 4 Judges

The  Stage is set for the biggest Dance show this season , Gokul Secret Garden Jodi No.1 Season 4  opens with a bang on  larger than life sets ,  a  grand stage  awaits the  Jodis  Sathish-Divyadarshini, Sherif-Saipromodhitha, Manikandan-Rajini, Premgopal-Premini, Suresh-Jayalakshmi, Wong-Sunita Gogai, Geethan Britto-Divya, Arun-Priya, Sai Karthik-Priya complete the line up.

Judging the dance would be the evergreen Heroines of Tamil Cinema Radhika and Gowthami.For the first time on Tamil Television these stars would be seen on a Talent hunt show.

Radhika is not only popular in Cinema but is also a powerhouse when it comes to Tamil Television. The show is sure to receive a boost with her effervescence and bubbliness.Joining the table with her is the eloquent Gowthami, classy and trendy she would lend sophistication to this popular dance show.

Both the Judges have many years of experience in the acting field and have worked with all the top choreographers.

The theme to which the dancers would be performing this week is “Mix-N-Match”. The Jodi’s would form themselves as groups and are set to perform to 9 different dancing forms like North Indian folk, Jazz, Salsa, Hip-hop style, South Indian folk, Filmy Western, Medley Western, Contemporary and Classical.

The Jodi’s would be judged individually and their points would be carried forward on a weekly basis.

With the Jodi’s performing to some foot-tapping numbers and adapting to different dancing styles, Gokul Secret Garden Season 4 is sure to enthrall the viewers on all Friday & Saturday, March 12 & 13, 2010, 8pm on Vijay TV.

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2 Responses

  1. spartacus says:


    I also agree with princy’s comments. She is correct. rathika support DD and sathish only. If radhika is not in there, defently dd and sathish will eleminated ……DD and sathish wont take risk compared to other jodi’s. …

  2. princy says:


    I am very disappointment to the performance of DD and sathish. Sathish is a good dancer but DD is not match to sathish. But the judgement always partiality with sathish and DD only. Particularly radhika support DD and sathish only….. we are not feel so good on this…..

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