Watch “Krish Trish & Baltiboy I & II” on Sunday at 2:30 PM only on Cartoon Network

9 January 2011, Sunday @ 12 PM – Bal Ganesh 2

The animated version of the lovable elephant God, Ganesh is back with new adventures and lot of fun. Be a part of a joy ride!

9 January 2011, Sunday @ 2:30 PM – Krish Trish & Baltiboy I & II

Come and join Krish, Trish and Baltiboy, the three minstrels who are here once again to enthrall you with their adventures in the second season of the series.

Go on an exotic journey to the land of Indian folk tales and folk music as endearing characters take you to three different regions of India. See popular stories come alive with the beautiful leather puppets of Karnataka, the unique Madhubani style of paintings from Bihar and the artistic poet Chitra style of Bengal.

10 January 2011, Monday @ 4 PM – Ben 10: Ultimate Alien

Ben 10 Ultimate Alien continues. Watch this animated series which follows 16-   year-old Ben Tennyson, once again ready to take on enemies both human and alien armed with a mysterious new Omnitrix.

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10 January 2011, Monday @ 4:30 PM – Roll no 21

Roll No 21

10 January 2011, Monday @ 4:30 PM - Roll no 21

Kansa, the evil king of Mathura, returns to Earth as Kanishk to finally conquer and reign supreme over the land.  Masking his cruel intentions under the disguise of a great humanitarian and principal of a school for orphans, the gods must act quickly before he assembles a zombie army to use in his quest.  They send the beloved blue boy Krishna to Mathura, as Kris, a student of the school.  Its battle time again: Kanishk V Kris.

11 January 2011, Tuesday @ 3 PM – Billy, Mandy Aur Life Mein Haddi

Cartoon Network presents “Billy Mandy Aur Life Mein Haddi”- a show which is fun-filled and revolves around two 6 year old kids Billy and Mandy. Haddi is a skeleton in his after life. Billy  and Mandy have a pet called Chu-Chu, Haddi one day comes to take away the pet but Billy and Mandy refuse to hand over the pet to Haddi. Haddi challenges them to a game of Parlok premiere League. The condition is, if he wins he gets to take Chu-Chu and if he losses he will be Billy and Mandy’s servant for life.

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So don’t miss to catch the funny escapades between Haddi, Billy and Mandy, in Billy Mandy Aur Life Mein Haddi.

11 January 2011, Tuesday @ 7:30 PM – Krishna & Balram

Cartoon Network brings to you Krishna & Balram – kids’ favourite series which revolves around 8 year old Krishna’s and 9 years old Balram’s escapades in Vrindavan. Along with Radha and their friends, Krishna and Balram are always having fun: is it playing pranks on the unsuspecting gopis, stealing Butter (Makhan) or destroying any demon sent to kill Krishna by his evil uncle.

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