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Adventures of Barbie

Barbie Blockbusters

Barbie Blockbusters

New Delhi, June 2010: Join Barbie on her adventures and lighten up your dull rainy days. Enter the all new world of Butterfly Fairies or embark on an adventurous journey to save the kingdom with Barbie and her friends or enjoy Barbie in her exciting dual role as a princess and a poor village girl!

Barbie brings to you her popular movies exclusively on POGO every Sunday of June & July at 8pm on POGO!!

Movie schedule are as follows:

Barbie & The Diamond castle:  27th June, 8pm

Barbie™ and Teresa™ tell us the fairy tale story of Liana™ and Alexa™, best friends who share everything including their love of music. One day their simple lives change when they are given an enchanted mirror and befriend the girl trapped inside! To save their new friend, Liana™ and Alexa™ embark on a dangerous journey to the hidden Diamond Castle that will put their friendship to the test. But through the power of song and with the companionship of two adorable puppies, the girls face their challenges together and learn that friendship is the true treasure.

Barbie® Barbie Thumbelina:  4th July, 8pm

Barbie™ presents the story of Thumbelina, a classic character in a modern tale! In this movie, Thumbelina and her friends have their patch of wildflowers uprooted and are transported to a lavish apartment in the city. When the magical world of the Twillerbees™ is threatened, Thumbelina sets out to prove that even the smallest person can make a big difference!

Barbie Christmas Carol- 11th July, 8pm-

Barbie™ in A Christmas Carol is a heart-warming story filled with cherished Christmas carols, fabulous fashions and lots of laughs! The tale stars Barbie™ as Eden Starling™ the glamorous singing diva of a theatre in Victorian London. Along with her snooty cat, Chuzzlewit, Eden selfishly plans to make all the theatre performers stay and rehearse on Christmas Day! Not even Eden’s costume designer and childhood friend, Catherine can talk Eden out of her self-centered tantrum.

It’s up to three very unusual Christmas Spirits to take Eden on a fantastical holiday journey that will open her heart to the spirit of the season and the joy of giving. Barbie™ in A Christmas Carol is a family favorite to enjoy every holiday season!

Barbie and The Island Princess-18th July, 8pm

It’s time to set sail with Barbie™ as The Island Princess in this full-length, original musical featuring nine fantastic new songs. After being shipwrecked on an island as a little girl, Rosella (Barbie™) grows up learning to talk and sing with a family of loving animals: the red panda Sagi™, the peacock Azul™ and the baby elephant Tika™. But when Prince Antonio™ discovers their tropical paradise, curiosity about her past leads Rosella™ to journey with the prince to his castle. As she and her animal friends explore civilization, they uncover an evil plot to take over the kingdom! Through its heart-warming ending, Barbie™ as The Island Princess shows that when love guides you, miracles may be closer than you know.

Barbie Mariposa- 25th July, 8pm

Join Barbie™ in an all-new world of Butterfly Fairies! Mariposa™ is a beautiful butterfly fairy who loves to read and dream about the world outside her home in the land of Flutterfield™. Flutterfield™ is protected by the Queen’s glimmering magical lights, but when the Queen is poisoned by the evil fairy Henna, the special lights begin to go out one by one. It’s up to the brave Mariposa™ and her friends to journey beyond the safe borders of the city in search of a hidden antidote that will save the Queen. Join the butterfly fairy friends on an exciting adventure that will transform them forever!

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