Amazon Prime Video Mobile Edition Plan with introductory Priced at R.S 89

5 Reasons Why You Must Subscribe To Amazon Prime Video Mobile Edition Pack Now

In collaboration with Airtel, Amazon Prime Video has launched an exclusive offering Prime Video Mobile Edition Plan with introductory prices at just Rs.89. It is a single-user mobile-only plan, exclusively launched in India that allows Airtel users to stream Amazon Prime video in SD quality along with a free trial period of 1 month.Prime Video Mobile Edition

Amazon Prime Video Mobile Edition Features

No one would ever ask you for your ID & Password – Are you one of those who hates sharing their OTT credentials but finds it extremely difficult to say no? Amazon Prime Video’s Mobile Edition will save you the hassle of facing such awkward situations altogether because it is an exclusive single-user mobile-only plan. Isn’t that one big relief? Now you can stream your favourite shows and movies anytime, anywhere without having to worry about anyone asking for your password.

No one will ever know what you stream – If you share your OTT subscription with your friends and family and are at the receiving end of some judgement for your content choices? Bid, all of that goodbye!

Prime Video Mobile Edition Plans
Prime Video Mobile Edition Plans

No one will ever disturb your watchlist – We have all been there, haven’t we? The hassle doesn’t end at having to share your OTT credentials, the real ball dropper is when someone messes with your watchlist. Well, now you don’t have to worry about that. With Prime Video’s Mobile Edition your watch-list is yours alone.

Budget Friendly – After food and sleep, these are two favourite words that bring a smile on everyone’s face. With Prime Video Mobile Edition you can stream your favourite movies and series starting at an introductory price of Rs.89 per month. Moreover, besides the fee being budget friendly, they also have a free trial period of 1 month. Now, does that not bring a smile to your face?

Watch anytime, anywhere – No reason your morning cup of coffee cannot be accompanied by an episode of Bandish Bandits or Four More Shots Please! On the way to work and traffic is crazy – indulge in some ME time. Whip out your mobile phone and watch your favourite shows anytime, anywhere.

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