big boss asianet uae timings – is it available through asianet middle east channel ?

big boss asianet uae timings – asianet middle east channel schedule

Monday to Friday at 09.00 P.M to 10.00 P.M and Saturday to Sunday at 09.00 P.M to 10.30 P.M is bigg boss asianet uae timings. This timing is for asianet middle east channel, it’s free to air and getting through c band dish for home users. we have posted the complete timings of asianet bigg boss show in different channels. you can go through the post ” bigg boss malayalam timings in asianet channels“. voting system of the show is started through different medium. you can also check the complete participants of malayalam bigg boss show.

big boss asianet uae timings table
big boss asianet uae timings table


repeat telecast of big boss malayalam on asianet middle east channel will be every weekdays at 11.00 P.M to 00:00 A.M and weekend 11.00 P.M to 00:30 A.M. The show is also showing in another time slot, 12:00 P.M to 01:00 P.M every day. There is no chance to miss the show through television. It’s airing through asianet, asianet hd and asianet middle east channels. if you still missing the latest episodes, browse hotstar app and watch it on the way. hotstar is the official online streaming application of star network and all asianet middle east shows getting through the same.

Asianet Bigg Boss Show Host
Asianet Bigg Boss Show Host

Asianet middle east channel programs in U.A.E timings

Comedy Time 18:30 P.M 17:00 P.M
Shappile Kariyum Naavile Ruchiyum 19:00 P.M 17:30 P.M
Cinema Diary 19:30 P.M 18:00 P.M
Neelakkuyil 20:00 P.M 18:30 P.M
Vanambadi 20:30 P.M 19:00 P.M
Karuthamuthu 21:00 P.M 19:30 P.M
Parasparam 21:30 P.M 20:00 P.M
Kasthooriman 22:00 P.M 20:30 P.M
Big Boss Malayalam 22:30 P.M 21:00 P.M
Bhaarya 23.30 P.M 22:00 P.M
Munshi 23.55 P.M 22:25 P.M
Shappile Kariyum Naavile Ruchiyum 00:05 A.M 22.35 P.M
Big Boss (Repeat) 00:30 A.M 23:00 P.M


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