Boogie Woogie Kids – Top 16 Contestants Details and Images

Contestants Details and Images Of Boogie Woogie Kids Championship On Sony Entertainment Television

Urgen Tenzing Lama, 10 years, Darjeeling

Dance style – Contemporary, Lyrical Hip-HopInspired by the dancing moves of Michael Jackson, Urgen has been learning dance from the age of 3. Urgen wants to become a good dancer and his mother is his favorite person as she always supports him.

Chirasmita Rout, 10 years, Balasore, Odisha

Dance style- BollywoodTo fulfill her mother’s dream of watching her daughter on television, Chirasmita started dancing and participating in dance shows. She wants to teach dance to the kids and become a famous choreographer.

Sachin Sharma, 13 years, Faridabad

Dance Style- Crumping & B-boyingSmart and talented Sachin is performing on stage since he was 1 and half years old. He is learning Urban, Crumping, B-boying and Contemporary dance forms. He wishes to have a girlfriend someday.

Mohd. Mumtaz, 10 years, Delhi

Dance Style- B-boying, Lyrical hip hop With dreams of becoming a famous choreographer, Mumtaz is learning dance from the age of 2. He is trained in bollywood, contemporary, hip-hop and B-boying. He wants to be known as the best dancer after proper training.

Abhishek Sinha, 11 years, Jamshedpur

Dance style- Hip-hop An extremely graceful dancer, Abhishek is learning Bharatnatyam since he was 3 years old. He also learns hip-hop from his brother at home. Hrithik Roshan is his dancing Idol.

Smrity Panda, 12 years, Rourkela, Orissa

Dance style- Crumping, Semi-classical, Hip-hopThe talkative girl, Smrity, feels she is born to dance. Smrity has been learning dance for the past 8-9 years and is trained in Odissi and Western dance (hip-hop, contemporary, and salsa). She wants to become a famous bollywood actress.

Aryan Patra, 12 years, Ranchi

Dance Style- Hip-hop, robotics, lyricalAryan desires to become Hrithik Roshan’s choreographer. He has been learning dance since the age of 5 and has started performing since he was 3 years old. He is trained in hip-hop, contemporary, robotics, lyrical and popping.

Preetjot Singh, 8 years, Ranchi

Dance Style- Somo tutting, Hip-hop The very naughty and talkative Preetjot has been learning dance for the past 3 years. Preetjot hates to study but loves to play and dance.

Bebechana Gurung, 10 years, Korseong, Darjeeling

Dance Style- Hip-hop Impressed by expressions of Madhuri Dixit, Bebechana is learning Bharatnatyam and freestyle. With lots of dreams; she wants to become a dancer, actor, singer, doctor, scientist, choreographer and a school teacher.

Sneha D. Chauhan, 11 years, Baroda

Dance Style- Bollywood, Jazz To fulfill her mother’s dream Sneha wants to win the Boogie Woogie Kids Championship. She likes to act as a model and practices ramp walk. Sneha is trained in Hip-hop, contemporary, bollywood, freestyle, jazz, belly dancing and lyrical dancing.

Harmi Darshan Patel, 11 years, Navsari Gujrat

Dance Style- All the forms of dance but mostly hip-hop and freestyle Harmi is learning dance since she was 3 years old. She wants to become a doctor who will treat her patients by making them dance. Crumping is her favorite step and she thinks that she can impress people with it.

Ayush Singh, 12 years, Howrah West Bengal

Dance Style – ContemporaryWith dreams in his eyes, Ayush wants to become a dancer and an actor. He likes 5 favorite things – Dance, Dance, Dance, Dance and Dance. He also wants his name to flourish all over India as a dancer. He also wishes to have a bike of his size.

Priyanka Tapadar, 12 years, Kolkata

Dance- Contemporary, Bollywood, Hip-hop The drama queen Priyanka wants to become a choreographer and also a very good dancer. She started learning Kathak since she was 3 years old. Remo Fernandes is her favorite dancer.

Raini Paresh Bhai Patel, 7 years, Navsari, Gujarat

Dance Style- Contemporary, PoppingRaini Paresh Bhai Patel is the youngest contestant in Boogie Woogie who wishes to become a choreographer or a pilot someday. She has been learning dancing for 2 years and is good at contemporary and popping. She also loves to paint and is good at paper art too.

Sagar Mishra, 13 years, Delhi

Dance Style- LyricalSagar has learnt dance for 4 yrs. He is good at Bollywood, Hip-hop, Crumping, Lyrical, Salsa, folk and semi-classical. He idolizes Prabhudeva and wants to be like him. Sagar wants to become a choreographer as he wants to teach dance to kids, grow in life and make his city proud.

Tanya Bhushan, 13 years, Ahmedabad

Dance Style- Hip – Hop, Locking, Popping
Tanya started dancing when she was 3 years old. She has done many stage shows and her first stage show was at age 8 in a mela. Michael Jackson is her favourite dancer because of his attitude, style and also because he invented his own dance form. She cannot live without dancing as it’s really important to her.


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