Dance India Dance Season 4 – Starts 26 October at 9 P.M On Zee TV

Dance India Dance Season 4 (DID 4) Launching On Zee TV 26 October 2013 at 9 P.M, Every Saturday and Sunday

Dance India Dance Season 4

Dance India Dance Season 4

Mithun Da unveils the 3 New Judges of Dance India Dance Season 4 – Mudassar Khan, Shruti Merchant and Feroz Khan

An entire nation watched with dropped jaws as Prince redefined dance with concepts like ‘locking’ and ‘popping’ in Season 1. An entire nation swooned as Dharmesh emerged from the masses and shot to fame overnight with never-before-seen hip-hop moves in Season 2. An entire nation’s pulse raced as Raghav wove magic with his unique “slo-mo” style in Season 3. Higher and higher benchmarks were set for excellence and innovation in dance with each successive season of India’s biggest dance reality show – Zee TV’s ‘Dance India Dance’ (DID). Not only did it introduce audiences to dance forms they didn’t know existed, ‘Dance India Dance’ celebrated the passion to dance, making dance nothing short of a ‘religion’ across the country!

Naturally, there has been much excitement in the air ever since ‘Dance India Dance’ announced the countrywide auditions for its Season 4 in August this year. Enthusiasts across the length and breadth of the country thronged to the audition venues, drawing up record-breaking registration counts across 19 cities! Even as the frenzy around the auditions peaked, the question on everyone’s lips was – What’s new on DID this time around?

DID Season 4 comes to you with a difference. Each of us goes through a range of emotions in our daily lives. From being happy to dejected, calm to agitated, there’s so much we all feel and go through. There are many issues in life we feel strongly about. The core idea behind DID Season 4 is to look at dance as a means and an outlet to express your innermost feelings. DID, as a platform, has always stood for celebrating dance. This season, DID goes one step further and creates a movement of dance across the country by showing audiences how to channelize their energies positively through dance. DID is sending out a strong message to its viewers – “Dance It Out!”

Stay tuned to ‘Dance India Dance Season 4’ every Sat-Sun at 9 PM on Zee TV as the passion, the frenzy, the camaraderie, the rehearsals, the victories, the disappointments, the hosts, the judges and above all, the spectacular dancing talent return with renewed vigor in the latest season of the show!

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