Dil Diyaan Gallaan Serial Actors Visit The Golden Temple to Seek Blessings

Pankaj Berry, Kaveri Priyam and Other Cast of Dil Diyaan Gallaan Serial at The Golden Temple

Dil Diyaan Gallaan Serial at Golden Temple
Dil Diyaan Gallaan Cast at Golden Temple

An auspicious start to any new venture or endeavor cannot begin without the blessings of the almighty. So, when the cast of Sony SAB’s upcoming show Dil Diyaan Gallaan got the golden chance to seek the blessings of Waheguru ji at the Golden Temple in Amritsar, they cherished it!. Sony SAB TV’s upcoming Dil Diyaan Gallaan Serial Actors Pankaj Berry, Kaveri Priyam, along with the cast of visit the Golden Temple to seek blessings.

Dil Diyaan Gallaan Serial Cast

Sandeep Baswana
Sandeep Baswana

Sony SAB’s soon to be launch new show Dil Diyaan Gallaan is a migration story that is emotional yet told from the lens of positivity and hope. The lead star cast of the show comprising noted actor Pankaj Berry, Jasjeet Babbar, Sandeep Baswana, Ravi Gossain, Kaveri Priyam, and Hema Sood, visited the Golden Temple in Amritsar to seek the blessings of Waheguru ji.


The Dil Diyaan Gallaan Serial depicts the relationship dynamics of three generations of the family. It’s a story of conflict – with physical and emotional distances among family members in which the first two generations refuse to forgive and forget their pasts but are compelled to face and rebuild their relations after the third generation ensues that bridges must be mended.

Dil Diyaan Gallaan Serial Sony SAB Star Cast
कावेरी प्रियम सोनी सब के नए शो “दिल दियां गल्लां” में निभाएंगी अमृता की लीड भूमिका
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