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Malayalam General Entertainment Channel Flowers Schedule

Flowers Oru Kodi Show
ഫ്ളവേഴ്സ് ഒരു കോടി

Suprabhadham, Uppum Mulakum, Chakkapazham, Star Magic , Flowers Oru Kodi, Priyankari, Nandhanam, Top Singer 2, Uppum Mulakum in Flowers Schedule. It’s one of the popular malayalam gec, as per latest trp reports this channel listed at 2nd slot. Uppum Mulakum is the most popular show on the channel, flowers youtube channel also very popular. all the videos getting good views, especially comedy programs on the channel getting more viewership. Comedy Utsavam is listing in top 10 malayalam non fiction every week, flowers is at second place in prime time. Super hit films also airing through flower channel.

latest episodes of top singer flowers tv show
latest episodes of top singer flowers tv show

Top singer show time on flowers

From Time Programme
00:00 A:M Priyankari
00:30 A:M Chakkapazham
01:00 A:M Nandhanam
01:30 A:M Flowers Top Singer 2
03:00 A:M Flowers Oru Kodi
04:30 A:M Uppum Mulakum
06:00 A:M Star Magic
07:00 A:M Suprabhadham
09:00 A:M Uppum Mulakum
12:00 Noon Chakkapazham
12:30 P:M Star Magic
01:30 P:M Flowers Oru Kodi
03:00 P:M Priyankari
03:30 P:M Nandhanam
04:00 P:M Star Magic
06:00 P:M Uppum Mulakum
06:30 P:M Chakkapazham
07:00 P:M Nandhanam
07:30 P:M Priyankari
08:00 P:M Flowers Top Singer 2
09:00 P:M Flowers Oru Kodi
10:30 P:M Chakkapazham
11:00 P:M Uppum Mulakum

This is the recent programs schedule on flowers channel, there will be changes happen in the show timings.

Flowers Schedule Of Programs
Flowers Schedule Of Programs


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