Kairali Arabia Film Schedule 2018 July – Malayalam Films Airing On the Channel

Kairali Arabia Film Schedule July 2018

Malayalam communications ltd launched dedicated channel for middle east people few years back, here is the kairali arabia film schedule for 2018 july month. Film list with ist, uae and ksa time is available in the schedule.

Oru Vadakkan Selfi
Oru Vadakkan Selfi
DateMovie Name Time
01 July 2018Ee Pattanathil Bhootham5.00 PM3.30 PM2.30 PM
01 July 2018Second Show12.30 AM11.00 PM10.00 PM
02 July 2018Bhoomi Malayalam5.00 PM3.30 PM2.30 PM
02 July 2018Pappayude Swanth Appus12.30 AM11.00 PM10.00 PM
03 July 2018Orange5.00 PM3.30 PM2.30 PM
03 July 2018Yathra12.30 AM11.00 PM10.00 PM
04 July 2018Gajaraj Manthram5.00 PM3.30 PM2.30 PM
04 July 2018Daiva Thirumagal (Dubbed)12.30 AM11.00 PM10.00 PM
05 July 2018Veeraputhran5.00 PM3.30 PM2.30 PM
05 July 2018Oru Mexican Aparatha12.30 AM11.00 PM10.00 PM
06 July 2018BILLA 2 (Dubbed)11.30 AM10.00 AM9.00 AM
06 July 2018Pokkiri Raja5.00 PM3.30 PM2.30 PM
06 July 2018Mass (Dubbed)12.30 AM11.00 PM10.00 PM
07 July 2018Oru Vadakkan Selfi11.30 AM10.00 AM9.00 AM
07 July 2018My Dear Karadi5.00 PM3.30 PM2.30 PM
07 July 2018PokkiriRaja (Dubbed)12.30 AM11.00 PM10.00 PM
08 July 2018Ayya (Dubbed)5.00 PM3.30 PM2.30 PM
08 July 2018Pulliman12.30 AM11.00 PM10.00 PM
09 July 2018Idiots5.00 PM3.30 PM2.30 PM
09 July 2018Living Together12.30 AM11.00 PM10.00 PM
10 July 2018Vellanakalude Nadu5.00 PM3.30 PM2.30 PM
10 July 20185 Sundarikal12.30 AM11.00 PM10.00 PM
11 July 2018Vel (dubbed)5.00 PM3.30 PM2.30 PM
11 July 2018Snebhadandam (Dubbed)12.30 AM11.00 PM10.00 PM
12 July 2018Gangster5.00 PM3.30 PM2.30 PM
12 July 2018Premam12.30 AM11.00 PM10.00 PM
13 July 2018Loham11.30 AM10.00 AM9.00 AM
13 July 2018Oppam5.00 PM3.30 PM2.30 PM
13 July 2018Honey Bee12.30 AM11.00 PM10.00 PM
14 July 2018Cheriya Lokavum Valiya Manushyanum11.30 AM10.00 AM9.00 AM
14 July 2018Daivathe Orthu5.00 PM3.30 PM2.30 PM
14 July 2018Pavam Poornima12.30 AM11.00 PM10.00 PM
15 July 2018Millenium Stars5.00 PM3.30 PM2.30 PM
15 July 2018Aadavan (Dubbed)12.30 AM11.00 PM10.00 PM
16 July 2018Matinee5.00 PM3.30 PM2.30 PM
16 July 2018Mazha12.30 AM11.00 PM10.00 PM
17 July 2018Bombay (Dubbed)5.00 PM3.30 PM2.30 PM
17 July 2018Kochi12.30 AM11.00 PM10.00 PM
18 July 2018Collector5.00 PM3.30 PM2.30 PM
18 July 2018Devasuram12.30 AM11.00 PM10.00 PM
19 July 2018Deepavali (Dubbed)5.00 PM3.30 PM2.30 PM
19 July 2018Oru Yathramozhi12.30 AM11.00 PM10.00 PM
20 July 2018Puli (Dubbed)11.30 AM10.00 AM9.00 AM
20 July 2018Madhurey (Dubbed)5.00 PM3.30 PM2.30 PM
20 July 2018Biriyani (Dubbed)12.30 AM11.00 PM10.00 PM
21 July 2018City Police11.30 AM10.00 AM9.00 AM
21 July 2018Chase (Dubbed)5.00 PM3.30 PM2.30 PM
21 July 2018Druvasangamam12.30 AM11.00 PM10.00 PM
22 July 2018Dubai Seenu (Dubbed)5.00 PM3.30 PM2.30 PM
22 July 2018Iruvar (Dubbed)12.30 AM11.00 PM10.00 PM
23 July 2018Honey Bee5.00 PM3.30 PM2.30 PM
23 July 2018Ennavalle (Dubbed)12.30 AM11.00 PM10.00 PM
24 July 2018Padamudra5.00 PM3.30 PM2.30 PM
24 July 2018Raghuraman IAS (Dubbed)12.30 AM11.00 PM10.00 PM
25 July 2018Pothen Vava5.00 PM3.30 PM2.30 PM
25 July 2018Chandu Pottu12.30 AM11.00 PM10.00 PM
26 July 2018Ee Kaikalil5.00 PM3.30 PM2.30 PM
26 July 2018Take Off12.30 AM11.00 PM10.00 PM
27 July 2018Dora (Dubbed)11.30 AM10.00 AM9.00 AM
27 July 2018Best Actor5.00 PM3.30 PM2.30 PM
27 July 2018Thani Oruvan (Dubbed)12.30 AM11.00 PM10.00 PM
28 July 2018Uncle Bun11.30 AM10.00 AM9.00 AM
28 July 2018Collector5.00 PM3.30 PM2.30 PM
28 July 2018Thalaiva (Dubbed)12.30 AM11.00 PM10.00 PM
29 July 2018Rajamuudra (Dubbed)5.00 PM3.30 PM2.30 PM
29 July 2018Gangster12.30 AM11.00 PM10.00 PM
30 July 2018Amma Ammayiyamma5.00 PM3.30 PM2.30 PM
30 July 2018Isttamanu Pakshe12.30 AM11.00 PM10.00 PM
31 July 2018Fiddle5.00 PM3.30 PM2.30 PM
31 July 2018Myna (Dubbed)12.30 AM11.00 PM10.00 PM
Kairali Arabia Film Schedule 2018 July
Kairali Arabia Film Schedule 2018 July

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