Kalathu Veedu Tamil Serial On Vijay TV From 02 November 2015 at 6.30 P.M

Vijay TV Launching Kalathu Veedu Tamil Serial From Next Monday Onward

Kalathu Veedu Tamil Serial
Kalathu Veedu Tamil Serial

Serials on Vijay TV have always been unique and not formulaic. The channel has always stood out with very different storylines that have appealed to audiences of all ages; be it love stories, family dramas or stories based on the day-to-day lives of people. Some of our serials like ‘Madurai’, ‘Saravanan Meenakshi’, ‘Andal Azhagar’, ‘Office’, ‘Deivam Thantha Veedu’, ‘Kalyanam Mudhal Kaadhal Varai’ and ‘Rettaivaal Kuruvi” have stood out from the crowd and caught the attention of viewers. Now, Vijay TV with its penchant for quality content and the quest for the new, is set to launch yet another different serial, titled, Kalathu Veedu.

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Kalathu Veedu Tamil Serial Story Synopsis


The Kalathu Veedu family, of the village head Sivan Kaalai is a renowned and influential family of a village near Madurai, Ponraasu, the head of the Kaara Veedu is jealous of Sivankaalai and wants to defame him at any cost. Panchavarnam, the head of the Kammaa Veedu whose father was punished for stealing, by Sivan Kaalai’s father , also seeks to destroy the Kalathu Veedu family. Thus, with a joint agenda, the duo join hands to defame and break the Kalathu Veedu. Their efforts bear fruit and the family is broken and shattered.

But on his death bed, the Kalathu Veedu head, Sivankaalai, calls his youngest son Jeeva, who is a filmmaker now, to reunite the family and bring back the fame and glory of the Kalathu Veedu. How Jeeva overcomes obstacles to achieve these goals and make his father’s last wish come true, is the story.

Kalathu Veedu Tamil Serial Cast

Shankara Pandian, Devi Priya, Sivan Srinivasan, Anila, Manickam, Rajesh, Gayathri, Hema, Manoharan, Balan, Jeethu, Perumayi, Reema, Sampath, Shanthi, Jayaprakash, Prabhu Kannan.

Kalathu Veedu Tamil Serial Crew Details

Director – Arulrasan
Cinematographer: Sai Srinivas
Launch Date – 02 November 2015, Every Monday to Friday at 6.30 P.M


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