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Kushi tv is the 24 hour telugu kids channel from sun network, kushi tv birthday wishes is very popular. birthday wishes from kushi tv is popular and you can wish your kids birthday through this channel. Kushi tv airing telugu version of chutti tv, they have 4 channels in all south indian languages. Bigg boss telugu winners name and voting system, reality show on star maa channel. Chintu TV, Chutti TV, Kochu TV and Kushi TV are the sun network children channel.

Open this Link from your mobile or desktop browser and enter the values –

Birthday Wishes At Kushi TV Channel
Birthday Wishes At Kushi TV Channel

if you are interesting to get greetings through kushi tv, can follow the instructions. you need to send your kids photograph and other details to the channel. all details (images, name, date of birth) should be reach 10 days before the birth date.

Kushi TV showing Martha Speaks , Barney and Friends, Shakthishali Dragon, Boonie Cubs, Dora, Stuart Little, Heidi, Robot Trains, Magic Tiger, Boonie Cubs etc.

watch kids birthday at kushi tv

log on to and browse for kushi tv channel from the menu. you will get the page ” kushi tv birthday wishes “, open it and submit your kids details. you need to fill the details about your child through this form. name (your kids name) , date of telecast (birth date), mobile number, city, country, sender name (your name), email id and attach photograph. it should reach 10 days before to kushi tv to telecast.

for example your kid birth date is 15 January , it should reach kushi tv before 5th January. Then only they can include birthday wish through channel. Birthday wishes format is same for all sun network channels.

Please Follow These Instruction Before sending Kushi TV Birthday Wishes

Date “ Entering ‘DATE’ should be 10 days before the date of telecast. This is very important, your kid image and details should reach 10 days before here.

Month “ Wishes accepted for the current and upcoming month. you can’t send too early. for example your kid birthday on march, you can send details on february or march. kushi tv will not accept to early birthday wishes requests.

Image “ Only image file with extension(.jpg,.jpeg,.gif,.png,.bmp) is allowed. These are the image formats, kushi tv will not accept other formats.

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