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Kushi tv is the 24 hour telugu kids channel from sun network, kushi tv birthday wishes is very popular. birthday wishes from kushi tv is popular and you can wish your kids birthday through this channel. Kushi tv airing telugu version of chutti tv, they have 4 channels in all south indian languages. Bigg boss telugu winners name and voting system, reality show on star maa channel. Chintu TV, Chutti TV, Kochu TV and Kushi TV are the sun network children channel.

Open this Link from your mobile or desktop browser and enter the values –

Birthday Wishes At Kushi TV Channel
Birthday Wishes At Kushi TV Channel

if you are interesting to get greetings through kushi tv, can follow the instructions. you need to send your kids photograph and other details to the channel. all details (images, name, date of birth) should be reach 10 days before the birth date.

Kushi TV showing Martha Speaks , Barney and Friends, Shakthishali Dragon, Boonie Cubs, Dora, Stuart Little, Heidi, Robot Trains, Magic Tiger, Boonie Cubs etc.

watch kids birthday at kushi tv

log on to and browse for kushi tv channel from the menu. you will get the page ” kushi tv birthday wishes “, open it and submit your kids details. you need to fill the details about your child through this form. name (your kids name) , date of telecast (birth date), mobile number, city, country, sender name (your name), email id and attach photograph. it should reach 10 days before to kushi tv to telecast.

for example your kid birth date is 15 January , it should reach kushi tv before 5th January. Then only they can include birthday wish through channel. Birthday wishes format is same for all sun network channels.

Kushi TV Birthday Wishes Timing
Kushi TV Birthday Wishes Timing

Please Follow These Instruction Before sending Kushi TV Birthday Wishes

Date “ Entering ‘DATE’ should be 10 days before the date of telecast. This is very important, your kid image and details should reach 10 days before here.

Month “ Wishes accepted for the current and upcoming month. you can’t send too early. for example your kid birthday on march, you can send details on february or march. kushi tv will not accept to early birthday wishes requests.

Image “ Only image file with extension(.jpg,.jpeg,.gif,.png,.bmp) is allowed. These are the image formats, kushi tv will not accept other formats.

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  1. Thanvi nethra says

    My relative name: Mukthi Sri
    Please wish her happy birthday on November 1 2020

  2. B.Deeksha says

    My daughter name :B.Deeksha
    Birthday on 20,July please whish me my daughter

  3. krishna says

    My son birthday 4th June so wish him Brahma Bavanith Reddy, FATHER, MOTHER SISTER

  4. Sudhakar says

    Dear khushi tv. we love khushitv. My Dougther NITHYA SREE birth day on 18. 5.20.
    Happy birthday NITHYASREE. Many more happy returns of the day. From:MAHBOOBNAGAR

  5. Durga prasad says

    hai kushi tv

    1. Durga prasad says

      bhagya laxmi colony

  6. Padmanabha (Father) says

    my son birthday on 20 th December please wish him a warm wishes through khushi tv , my son is very interested your channel

  7. N.sobha says

    happy birthday to N.Lasya date 23 november.

  8. ESWAR REDDY says

    father name: Raja Reddy
    Mother name: sreelatha
    date of birth date:02 05 2013

  9. paramesh says

    My daughter name :-V.Srinidhi
    Birthday on 04-08-18 please whish me my daughter
    Father Name:-paramesh
    Mother Name:-Anitha

  10. Chaithra says

    Hi kushi TV….my daughter’s birthday is on 6th August . So please tell cost on kushi TV birthday wishes. (Her name is chaithra)

  11. Bhavanishanker says

    happy birthday Pambidiboyina Mohan manideep celerbrating 4th birthday on 19-07-2018
    Regards from verranki YesuDas Goud family members kutubasabyaulu chepandi

  12. varasree says

    my son birthday is on 21 july I want wishes from kushi TV kindly tell me how to send the details

  13. Sudha says

    My son birthday is on 20th December I want wishes from kushi TV kindly tell me how to send the details

  14. Rajeswari says

    My daughter name :-s.Baby Sathvika
    Birthday on 14-12-2015 please whish me my daughter

  15. G.A.Raju says

    Today my sweet daughter hemavardhini birthday si please wish her

  16. P.p.abijith says

    Birthday on 05.12.2017 to my child abijith from chennai. V r telugu vishwabrahmin. So v wish to celebrate his birthday through kushi tv.

  17. P.p.abijith says

    I wish my child birthday on 5 .12.2017. This is 5th birthday

  18. Gm Sudhakar says

    Dear Team,

    On 04-Dec-2017 my daughter – Vaishnavi ‘s birth day
    So i request you to please display her photo and convey birth day wishes to her.
    Thanks in advance

  19. Saibaba says

    November 24 my Daughter in law(Yashaswini ) birthday…
    From saibaba from medak

  20. Mythrayeivnaidu says

    Happy birthday utsavi darling your the best gift and reason God has given me a nice future waiting for you may God fulfill all your wishes lots of love wishing you a good health and safety mom dad and family

  21. Baji babu says

    Yoday my sistet pavani Birthday please wish mee

  22. Aswani says

    My son first birthday on Nov 5 ,pls wish him name Bhavesh Venkat Sai

  23. Trimurthy says

    T.Chandhana birthday 21/11/2017 plz wish and telecast u r chanal

  24. s.venkatesh says

    My name is S.Venkatesh iam sending my daughter photos her birthday on October 28th so please wish her in khushi tv .
    My daughter name is S.Gnana Swapnika
    date of birth is 28th October

  25. K.Murali Babu says

    Good morning. Today 2nd October, my daughter K.Sai Surya Navya Lakshmi is very upset by your telecast wishes, I sent her details before 15 days, Please kindly requesting at least by orally in the after noon program, Please, please, please.

  26. Anasuya says

    Hello, our grandson name is Sreeram Nivedh. His birthday is on 07-10-2017. Please convey our heartful wishes to my grandson from all family members and kushi tv. Thanks in advance.

  27. svn suneetha lakshmi says

    hi my big sister daughter is on september 29th please wish her from my family

    1. svn suneetha lakshmi says

      sorry she is my big sister please give her warm wishes on september 29th from my family and greetings from ammu, sushank and sahithi

    2. Indira says

      My sons m.raju birthday on September 19th 2019 plz show on TV we will send photo tell wishes by family member like nagamani

  28. Ramesh Naidu says

    Our daughter name is Nandana. Her first birthday is on October 6th. Please wish her on that day on behalf of all our family members and friends. Pls.

  29. AGRAJ KUMAR says

    My son birthday 10th September so wish him AGRAJ KUMAR, FATHER, MOTHER SISTER

  30. K srinu vasu rao family says

    My son sai adthiya birthday is September 4 2017 wish him to kushi tv

  31. harshithkumar says

    my daughter in law harini sri bday on 9th sep wish her on kushi tv she likes kushi tv alot

  32. Puram sushmitha says

    My daughter Srikruthi birthday is September 7th wish him in kushi tv

  33. G Urmila Ushaswini says

    12 august 2017 happy birth day telugu programme in khushi tv
    please send me the whatsapp number

  34. Vidyasrinivas says

    My son Tejaskumar birthday is Aug 15th plz wish him in khushi TV channel

  35. A.prasad says

    My son charithardh birthday on August 15 plz wish him in Kushi tv channal

  36. vara prasad says

    My quite daughter says jashwitha
    August-17 her first birthday
    Plz greets

  37. Sudha Rani says

    My daughter birthday 16 June so please wish her from kushi TV from her family members

  38. Deekshitha says

    Happy birthday tanuj,13-6-2017

  39. Sandya rani says

    Happy birthday to rishith reddy on 5 th june

  40. Abdul Babu Sk says

    Happy Birthday Abdul Babu Sk

    1. Abdul Babu Sk says

      My birthday is March 14th

      1. Seetha says

        Happy Birthday to you 9 th July for Venkat snatha Kumar

        1. Seetha says

          Happy Birthday to you snatha Kumar 9th july

          1. Seetha says

            Happy birthday to santha kumar

  41. Y. Deekshitha says

    Happy bday deekshu on 25th may

  42. Y. Deekshitha says

    Happy bday to deekshu tharvatha on 25th may

  43. koushik says


  44. Pranay Jagtap says

    5th Happy Birthday
    Pranay Chatankumar Jagtap
    Wishing all Families and Friends
    Best Wish to Father And Mother

    1. Pranay Jagtap says

      5th Happy Birthday
      Pranay Chatankumar Jagtap
      Wishing all Families and Friends
      Best Wish to Father And Mother

  45. Dimpu says

    My brother Dimpu birthday on 10 may please wish him on khushy t.v.

    1. Dimpu says

      My brother Dimpu birthday on 10 may please wish him on khushy t.v.

  46. chaaithanyaraj says

    This is chaithanya iam sending my daughter photos her birthday on may 9th so please wish her in khushi tv .
    My daughter name is chaitra
    date of birth is 9th may

    1. chaitra says

      this is chaithanya i am not getting any form regarding birthday wishes so i have send mail to you with my daughter photo.

  47. lucky says

    my son birthday on 8 th may please wish him a warm wishes through khushi tv

  48. A.Rajababu says

    happy birthday

  49. bhavishya sri says

    happy birth day to u my little angle bhavishya sri

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