Maharani Tamil TV Serial to air every Monday – Friday at 7:00 P.M on Vijay Television

Maharani Serial On Vijay TV

Maharani on Vijay TV
Vijay TV Tamil Serials 2010

Maharani the recently launched Tamil serial on Vijay TV has gained popularity among all women viewers. A tale of two best friends, who turn out to be the worse enemies, This serial has a huge fan following.Wealthy Sandhya-Devaraj couple adopts Rani from the orphanage. Dreaming of wealth and richness, Rani hides the fact that Maha is the original daughter to the couple and destroys all the necessary evidences. But what is destined for Maha is entirely different. She ends up as a housemaid in the same house where Rani enjoys the wealth.


Sandhya the foster mother of Rani sources the only evidence – diary and reads the truth about Maha’s birth. Shocked and confused Sandhya realizes who her real daughter is and decides not to leave Maha alone with Rani as it is not safe for Maha’s life.

Rani is not able to accept the sudden attention that the family showers on Maha. Maha while staying in Devaraj house for a brief period goes through the accounts of the company and finds a huge sum of money missing and the suspicion falls on Rani. In order to save herself from the blame, Rani plots a murder with Topiaz against Maha.

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Star Cast

Will Maha and her mother Sandhya break free from the treacherous plot hatched by Rani would be the storyline for the upcoming episodes.A special watch-n-win contest is also planned for the viewers of Maharani. With Sujitha and Archana Susheelan in the lead roles, tune into Every Monday – Friday, from July 19, 2010 19:00hrs on Vijay TV and win some exciting prizes!


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