Nodi Swami Naavirodhe Heege – Starting from 1st August at 8 P.M Monday to Friday on Suvarna

Nodi Swami Naavirodhe Heege

Nodi Swami Naavirodhe Heege

Nodi Swami Naavirodhe Heege

Bangalore, July 29, 2011: After a series of fresh ideas for reality shows and fictions, Suvarna announces yet another first of its kind reality show in South. Nodi Swami Naavirodhe Heege (Look…we are like this only), is an attempt to inspire confidence and self-esteem in obese people and enable them to adapt themselves to normal living.

Anchored by Akul Balaji, a very popular name for reality shows in Kannada, the show starts from 1st August at 8 pm on Suvarna, and telecast Monday to Friday.

The show will witness 12 warm and healthy people, who are happy about how they are, still want to challenge and say `yes we can’ and hit a series of tasks that every right weighted individual can do. They go through a series of tasks for 60 days, like rock climbing; balancing walk, trekking, horse riding etc. the tasks that one normally thinks they can’t do. The one hour show every day during the weekday prime time is designed to be fun and entertaining.

“Obesity is not a shortcoming, by taking up the challenge of completing various tasks, participants prove their ability. Objective of the show is to make the participants and millions of viewers who follow their journey, feel confident and have a positive mindset towards life. Reality shows on Suvarna always conveyed
positive message to society. And the new show too fall in to the same” says Anup Chandrashekharan, Business Head, Suvarna Channel.

Suvarna stands for fresh and differentiated programming in Kannada. A family entertainment channel that has a lineup of popular programs including Lakumi, Guru Raghavendra Vaibhava, Music Na Superstar, Classmates, Preethiyinda, Bombat Bhojana, Bhavya Brahmanda and Padavaralli Paddegalu.

Nodi Swami Naavirodhe Heege will be telecast at 8pm from 1st August, Monday to Friday.

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