sun direct tamil channels – updated tamil sd and hd channels with epg

list of complete tamil channels in sun direct dth services

sun direct tamil channels list can be check from here. we have updated the tamil channel list of videocon d2h service here. sun direct missing some tamil channels, they are giving priority to sun network channels. sun direct users can watch some exclusive channels like Tamil Cinema, Sun Action etc. 001 is the tamil info channel and sun tv channel number is 100.

dth tamil

tamil movie channel ktv is at 102 and sun music channel at 104. Other sun network channels coming after this. Adithya tv, tamil cinema, sun action, chutti tv, sun life, sun news are the other sun network channels in sun direct dth service. sun tv hd, ktv hd, sun music hd are the tamil hd channels available in sun direct. all the tamil hd channels are from sun network. there are so many hd tamil channels but just 3 included in sun direct. angel tv hd, vijay hd etc are other popular tamil hd channels.

tamil channels in dth

Channel Name Number
Tamil Home Channel001
Sun TV100
Sun Music104
Adithya TV106
Tamil Cinema108
Sun Action109
Chutti TV110
Sun Life111
Sun News112
Kalaignar Seithigal TV114
Kalaignar TV116
Jaya TV118
Jaya Plus120
Zee Tamil121
DD Podighai122
Isai Aruvi123
VIjay TV124
Makkal TV126
Jaya Max127
Mega TV128
Naaptol Tamil129
Raj TV130
Puthiya Thalamurai131
Vasanth TV132
Thanthi TV133
Captain TV134
News 7 Tamil135

Tamil HD Channels in Sun DTH Service

Sun TV HD960
Sun Music HD962
sun direct tamil channels list
direct to home dth tamil channels list

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  1. When will vijaysuper telecast in sun TV.

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