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The Adventures of Chuck and Friends on Discovery Kids

The Adventures of Chuck and Friends

The Adventures of Chuck and Friends
The Adventures of Chuck and Friends

This New Year, Discovery Kids presents a new animated series The Adventures of Chuck and Friends. Woven with life’s lessons for children, The Adventures of Chuck and Friends follows incidents of Chuck, an animated dump truck who is always curious and loves to dream big. His zeal to go places and find out how things work brings loads of excitement making it a complete entertainment treat for kids on television.

The Adventures of Chuck and Friends premieres on January 20 and will air from Monday to Friday at 12 PM on Discovery Kids.

Chuck and his friends Boomer, Digger, Handy and others are pint-sized trucks with big appetites for fun. Running on imagination and enthusiasm, these trucks turn larger-than-life inspiration into adventures in their own backyards. The series is about thrill of discovering something new, unusual action, big adventures and most of all having fun with your close friends.

Turn the key, floor the accelerator, ignite your imagination and join Chuck in his adventures, only on Discovery Kids. THE ADVENTURES OF CHUCK AND FRIENDS will be shown in all the three languages – English, Hindi and Tamil.

Committed to offering a comprehensive viewing experience and catering to diverse demands of children in India, Discovery Kids programming formats include highest-quality animation and engaging live-action series under multiple genres such as adventure, folklore, nature, history and science.

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