Jodha Akbar Zee TV – An Epic Romance Is All Set To Unfold

Jodha Akbar Zee TV

Jodha Akbar Zee TV

A tryst with a ferocious tiger to spark off finer feelings between Jodha and Akbar on Zee TV’s historical drama

With Zee TV’s historical magnum opus ‘Jodha Akbar’ having scaled an impressive 8025 TVTs (Television Viewership in Thousands) in Week 38, the show is rapidly racing up the viewership charts and finding its place amongst the top-rated shows on Indian television. It is, in fact, the highest rated historical costume drama on television. It is evident through the show’s success that audiences across the country have loved Zee TV’s interpretation of one of history’s most intriguing chapters.

Zee TV’s ‘Jodha Akbar’ presents viewers with Akbar’s journey from being ‘Akbar the Warrior’ to ‘Akbar the Great’ and the role Jodha played in this transformation. The show captures how Jodha’s love had a calming influence on Akbar, gradually turning the fiery, aggressive braveheart into a benevolent king and a better ruler with great appreciation for art, culture and love for his people.

The show, so far, has captured the trying circumstances that led to Jodha-Akbar’s marriage – how it was a union based on political power-play rather than true love. But the story is now set to take a new turn that will find Jodha and Akbar gradually warming up to each other …!

Over the past few weeks, Akbar (Rajat Tokas)was all set to sentence Jodha (Paridhi Sharma) to death, if it was discovered that she‘s responsible for his first wife Rukaiya’s (Lavina Tandon) miscarriage. However, Akbar learns that Jodha is innocent while it is a lookalike of his trusted advisor Mahamanga (Ashwini Kalsekar) who is behind this act of treason. While out hunting, Jodha is attacked by a tiger. Akbar rushes to her rescue and saves her from the paws of the predator. As Akbar gets brutally injured in the process, Jodha goes to great lengths to nurse him back to health and it is in her tender, loving care that Akbar first finds his heart softening towards his wife. Watch this spark turn into a fire of strong steadfast love that transforms a warrior into a benevolent king as documented through history books.

Watch the turning point that changes the course of Jodha Akbar’s journey of love on Friday, 7th October at 8 PM, only on Zee TV.

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