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Dadagiri Season 4 – UTV Bindass Announces Dadagiri 4 Revenge of the Sexes


Dadagiri Season 4

Dadagiri Season 4
UTV Bindass Announces Season 4 of Dadagiri

Lots of crackle….punch…oomph…valour…sizzle and sighs come together! Seven scintillating beauties vs seven hot hunks battle it out with sweat, blood and all! Either the ‘he’ brigade wins or the ‘she’ battalion will! Its men vs women. Mars vs Venus on UTV Bindass – Dadagiri 4.

UTV Bindass presents India’s biggest war of the sexes, Boys Vs. Girls with ‘DADAGIRI 4’, where the tasks will decide whether they will be able to take each other’s onslaught. Starting this January, the girls rough it up with the boys on a level playing field where their sex could play their biggest enemy. Starkly different from the previous seasons, this year Bindass pits them against each other to survive the wildest challenges thrown by the opponents. The two teams will be competing with each other in numerous tasks, breaking stereo-types, busting myths and re-writing age-old adages. UTV Bindass is confident that this new offering of Dadagiri will only add another distinguished feather in their cap of innovative programming and have the nation hooked and cheering in front of their television sets! The 4th season debuts on 15th January every Saturday at 7pm exclusively on UTV Bindass.

The reality show will test not only physical but also mental agility and sharpness of the contestants. Watch the teams perform tasks like holding a crab while they struggle to deposit it on the other end of the pit on one elbow and plucking out goat’s eyeballs to fetch a five rupee coin from inside of a goat’s intestine ! Dadagiri 4 also brings a new twist in the show – a Revenge task where the team winning the main task can take revenge on their opponents.


What? Battle between two teams: Team A with seven girls. A sexy mix of beauty with brains that are trained to kick butt. Team B with seven hot hunks all trained to bust some serious ass.

How?   DADA Vishal will start the day by giving a mini task to boys and girls alike! Post      which follows the main task – difficult for both the BOYS and the GIRLS. The tasks will be given to test the smartness and physical agility of the contestants Rule to survive? Bury the Girls and Kill the Boys.

Commenting on the launch of ‘D4’, Nikhil Gandhi, Business Head, UTV Bindass said, “We at UTV Bindass believe in presenting viewers with newer and exceedingly out-of-the-box content. After the three successful seasons of Dadagiri, we are coming back with a new theme i.e. of war of the sexes. This has been an age old topic of discussion and we are now putting it to test. With such an engaging concept we also aim to break stereo-types, typecasts and exemplify finer points of human behaviour which will come about through our carefully devised tasks. After 3 seasons the intrigue on season 4 is very high and given the manner in which society is moving empowerment of women is key. We really believe its time to put both the sexes to the test and so we shall create a historical battle of the sexes in Dadagiri 4.    Reiterating our creative supremacy, Dadagiri 4 is India’s biggest war of the sexes and will only take the show from strength to strength”

Speaking about his entry on D4 as the host, the multi talented Amit Tandon, says “This is a show that the audience has loved through its first three seasons and are super excited about it coming back. D4 comes back with a tougher battle this time pitting both the sexes against each other. Without taking any sides I am going to be the support link between the two sexes while they battle and survive it out through exciting and crazy tasks .It is a pleasure to be associated with a channel that is committed towards bringing fresh content to its audience. I am all set for this battle of the sexes to begin which will result in these young men and women will either killing the opponent or dieing themselves.”

So which side are you pitting for? Watch the teams take their daggers out and clash in the battleground on Dadagiri 4 only on UTV Bindass beginning 15th January 2010 each Saturday at 7pm

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