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UTV Bindass

UTV Bindass

The Khan Sisters – UTV Bindass Launches A Brand New Reality Show

The Khan Sisters On UTV BindassUTV Bindass keeps its promise of showcasing differentiated and innovative content and returns with yet another path –breaking concept.Luxury, high profile parties, celebs, luxury, gossip, break-ups, link-ups…all this and much more goes into leading a glamorous life. UTV Bindass’ latest show, The Khan Sisters gives you a peek into the glamorous lifestyle of the sisters, Gauahar & Nigaar Khan, while introducing a whole new dimension to reality television, an unconventional format that has never been seen on India television before.The show…

Dadagiri 4 Winner Is Vikas Arora From Delhi

Delhiite Vikas Arora Wins Men Prove Stronger In The Revenge of the Sexes - Dadagiri 4 WinnerAn age old topic, of Man vs Woman was put to test by Dadagiri 4 - Revenge of the sexes. Thousands across India auditioned, 14 were selected and of the final 3 touted to win the ultimate revenge of the sexes, Vikas Arora won the test over fellow Delhites Niyati Handa and Purnima Choudhry.Girls and boys roughed it up on a level playing field surviving the wildest and toughest challenges thrown not just by the Dadas but also by the opponents. The two teams successfully competed with each other in…

Dadagiri Season 4 – UTV Bindass Announces Dadagiri 4 Revenge of the Sexes

Dadagiri Season 4Lots of crackle….punch…oomph…valour…sizzle and sighs come together! Seven scintillating beauties vs seven hot hunks battle it out with sweat, blood and all! Either the ‘he’ brigade wins or the ‘she’ battalion will! Its men vs women. Mars vs Venus on UTV Bindass – Dadagiri 4.UTV Bindass presents India’s biggest war of the sexes, Boys Vs. Girls with ‘DADAGIRI 4’, where the tasks will decide whether they will be able to take each other’s onslaught. Starting this January, the girls rough it up with the boys on a level playing field where their sex could play their…