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Avanu Matte Shravani Kannada Serial On Suvarna TV


Avanu Matte Shravani Kannada Serial

Avanu  Matte Shravani Serial
Avanu Matte Shravani Serial

Avanu Matte Shravani follows the story of Shravani and Surya who are connected by their common love for Surya`s little daughter Deeksha. Shravani is a Tamilian where as Surya is a typical Kannada Gowda. Shravani, who is unable to bear children, shares a very close, motherly relationship with Deeksha, while filling the void of a child in her own. She is friendly, warm and caring while Surya is bitter and hard from the days of his divorce. How Shravani & Surya’s lives collide forms the crux the story. Avanu Matte Shravani will launch on 16th June, from Monday to Saturday @ 09:00PM


Parineetha & Avanu Matte Shravani are new additions to the many popular shows offered by Suvarna Channel – shows like Amruthavarshini, Milana, Aragini, Pancharangi Pom Pom, Akashadeepa, Meera Madhava and Singari Bangari have become household names in every part of Karnataka. Suvarna Channel has set a trend with its variety of shows covering various genres & offering a delight experience to the entire family.

Avanu  Matte Shravani
Avanu Matte Shravani

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