Cakes and Candles Submit Photo – Birthday Wishes Program On Chutti TV

Chutti TV Birthday Wishes – Cakes and Candles

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Sun network have kids channel in all south indian languages, kochu tv, chintu tv, kushi tv and Chutti TV. birthday wish program in all these channels are very popular, parents showing interest to send kids photographs for wishing them on birthdays. here is the procedure to send Chutti TV Birthday Wishes, now the selection here and is purely on first-cum-first serve basis. You need to send the photographs 10 days before, for example if the birthday is on 15th August, it’s should reach sun network before 5th of August. Wishes accepted for the current & upcoming month, means you can’t send from January or february in the above mentioned case.

Chutti TV Birthday Wishes Timing
Chutti TV Birthday Wishes Timing

Step by step procedure

1, Open the website in your desktop or mobile browser –
2, You can see the fields, Person Name , Date Of Telecast , Mobile Number etc, fill all the mandatory fields. Person Name is the name of Your kid and Date Of Telecast means Birthday, and select the photo.
3, Entering Date should be 10 days before the date of telecast.
4, Wishes accepted for the current & upcoming month for Cakes and Candles.
5, Only image file with extension(.jpg,.jpeg,.gif,.png,.bmp) is allowed, other file types will not attach to the system.

chutti birthday wishes
chutti birthday wishes

Chutti tv schedule

07:00 A.M and 07:00 P.M is the telecast time of Cakes and Candles, Stuart Little , Chutti Seithigal, Matt Hatters, Takkunu Lucku, Doravin Payanangal etc are some of the popular programs.

05:00 P.M – Varuthapadadha Kutty Karadi Sangam
07:00 P.M – Cakes and Candles
07:05 P.M – Doravin Payanangal
08:00 P.M – Matt Hatters
09:00 P.M – Varuthapadatha Karadi Sangam – Summer Fun
10:00 P.M – Yoko
11:25 P.M – Chutti Seithigal

Doravin Payanangal Time
Doravin Payanangal Time


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  1. A.Jayaraj says

    Dear Sir,
    My name is A.Jayaraj, today (28.08.2021) is my daughter 1st Birthday.. I applied cake and candles birthday wishes but it is not to telecast my daughter photo sir.. She is name is J.YAZHINI… I kindly request to please telecast my daughter birthday wishes today….

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