Gaatchora Serial Time on Star Jalsha Channel is Monday to Sunday at 10:30 PM – From 05 June

Every Monday to Sunday at 10:30 PM is the Time of Gaatchora Serial on Star Jalsha

Gaatchora Serial Time
গাঁটছড়া – 5 জুন থেকে দেখুন নতুন সময় । সোম – রবি। 10:30 PM

Gaatchora is One of The Popular Show on Star Jalsha, Getting a Time Change from 05 June. Channel Launching a New Serial Tunte, Showing at 07:00 PM and They Shifted Gaatchorra Into 10:30 PM Slot. You can Check the Updated Today Program Schedule of Star Jalsha Channel from Here, Sandhyatara is Another Latest Serial on Star Jalsha Channel Launching from 12 June, Everyday at 07:30 PM.

Tunte, Ramprasad , Komola O Sriman Prithviraj , Meyebela , Balijhor, Horo Gouri Pice Hotel, Bangla Medium , Panchomi, Radha Krishna , Khelaghor , Guddi , Nabab Nandini , Shaheber Chithi , Gaatchora , Aalta Phoring , Dhulokona , Madhabilata , Ekka Dokka , Anurager Chhowa , Aay Tobe Sohochori , Godhuli Alap Are Now Showing on Star Jalsha Channel.

Gaatchora is Produced by Snigdha Basu and Sani Ghose Ray under the banner of Acropoliis Entertainment, Gourab Chatterjee, Solanki Roy, Anindya Chatterjee, Shreema Bhattacharjee, Riaz Laskar , Anushka Goswami etc Doing Lead Roles in the Show. Gaatchora Remade in Other Indian Languages, Patharamattu on Asianet (Malayalam) is the Recent Adaption of The Show.


Star Jalsha Serials

Time Serial
05:00 PM Anurager Chhowa – অনুরাগের ছোঁয়া
05:30 PM Guddi – গুড্ডি
06:00 PM Ramprasad – রামপ্রসাদ
06:30 PM Komola O Sriman Prithviraj – কমলা ও শ্রীমান পৃথ্বীরাজ
07:00 PM Tunte – তুঁতে
07:30 PM Meyebela – মেয়েবেলা
08:00 PM Bangla Medium – বাংলা মিডিয়াম
08:30 PM Panchomi – পঞ্চমী
09:00 PM Ekka Dokka – একক দোক্কা
09:30 PM Anurager Chhowa -অনুরাগের ছোঁয়া
10:00 PM Horo Gouri Pice Hotel – হরগৌরী পাইস হোটেল
10:30 PM Gatchhawra – গাঁটছড়া
11:00 PM Bhakter Bhagavaan Shri Krishna – ভক্ত ভগবান শ্রী কৃষ্ণ

What is The Telecast Time of Gaatchora on Star Jalsha Channel ?

From Monday, 05 June Onward’s This Serial Will Air Every Monday to Sunday at 10:30 PM (Original Episodes) and Repeat Telecast at 10:30 AM, 03:00 PM

Star Jalsha Serial Sandhyatara
12 জুন থেকে দেখুন সন্ধ্যাতারা সোম-রবি 7:30 PM
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