Kalaignar TV Moving Into DVS2 Mode – Satellite Intelsat 17 at 66.0° East

New transponder frequency details of Kalaignar TV Channels – Free to Air tamil Channels

tamil channel frequency
tamil channel frequency

Kalaignar TV and Other Channels Moving Into DVS2 Mode from 27th November 2016. This Free to Air tamil television Using Satellite Intelsat 17 at 66.0°East for the Reception. They have started showing the scroll about this change. Frequency is same but mode and symbol rate is changing. These channels are FTA (Free to Air) and can be catch through c band dish with set top box. Kalaijnar, Seithigal, Chithiram, Murasu, Isai Aruvi, Sirippoli channels from same transponder and all moving into new frequency. This  is a popular tamil tv channel which started On September 2006. This network now running 6 tamil television channels.

Technical Parameters

Satellite Name – Intelsat 17 at 66.0°East
Frequency – 3845 mhz
Symbol Rate – 28800 msps
Polarization – Vertical
Fec – 5/6
Modulation – DVBS2 / 8PSK

Reception details with fta set top box

Means you need mpeg4 dvbs2 set top box for catching this network channels through c band dish. If you are a home dish user this changes may affected. earlier they used mpeg2 format for the transmission. If you are already using mpge4 set to box , just auto tune channels or edit transponder with above parameters. All these tamil channels still running in fta mode (free to air). Vendhar TV, Sairam TV, News 7 Tamil, Ayurveda TV, MK Tunes, MK Six are the other channels getting from this transponder.

Kalaignar TV Live On Youtube
Live On Youtube
Kalaignaar TV
Isai Aruvi
Murasu TV
Vendhar TV
Sairam TV
News 7 Tamil
Ayurveda TV
MK Tunes
MK Six
Kalaignar TV New Frequency
New Frequency

This tamil gec is not doing great performance at barc weekly ratings, average 50-60 is the total points getting. we have published 2018 tamil trp data in our latest post, sun tv is leading the chart with more than 1200 points.

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  1. Writing mistake..small rotation need lnb..not dish

  2. 8 feet dish no problem,only change feq and symbol rate,..but 6 feet small rotation need onn,only small..not dish

  3. I,m used 6 feet Dish andSOLID hds2-6141 Set top box, I set the satellite name and Frequency – 3845 mhz
    Symbol Rate – 28800 msps
    Polarization – Vertical frequency but I dint get kalaingar tv..any

  4. iam not getting kalaignar tv with this frequency, please help me.

  5. I’m using solid hds2-9048 free to air mpeg 4 digital set up box..I set the satellite name and frequency but I dint get kalaingar tv..any antenna setup ….pls help what to do..

  6. Can’ not find signal this frequency for dvb mpeg 2 what’s the technical find please reply to me.

    1. You need mpeg4 dvbs2 set top box

  7. i am not getting kalaignar tv with this frequency, please help me.

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