Matti Gajulu Serial Actress Name, Cast And Crew, Telecast Time, Online Episodes

gemini tV airing matti gajulu serial every monday to friday at 2.00 p.M

Leading telugu entertainment channel gemini television launched a new tv series named matti gajulu, airing every weekdays at 2.00 p.m to 2.30 p.m. leading mini screen artists are working for the show, Siddardh Varma Adduri , Pragu krishh, Naveena Yata , Shine Swetha are in the star cast. Mogali Rekulu and Mathrudevobhava are the shows coming before/after the show. Gemini tv also airing telugu dubbed version of porus as Magadheera at 12.30 noon. as per latest barc trp charts none of this channel shows listed in top 5 chart , star maa serials leading the list.

  • Siddardh Varma Adduri , Pragu krishh, Naveena Yata , Shine Swetha are the main actors of the show

Hero Name, Heroine of Mattigaajulu

Siddharth Varma Adduri – Vishnu
Pragathi – Padmavathi
Naveena Yata – Kamakshi
Sheela singh – Malliswari
Sri Priya – Meenakshi
Avinash – chittibabu
Swetha Shaini – Rangamma

Matti Gajulu
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Matti Gajulu

morning time schedule

07:00 A.M – Annugraham
08:00 A.M – Chinni Krishna
08:30 A.M – Bill Maaku Thrill Meeku
09:00 A.M – Movie
12:00 P.M – Bandham
12:30 P.M – Magadheera (Porus Telugu Dubbed version)

After noon slot

13:00 P.M – Nandhini (Repeat)
13:30 P.M – Mogali Rekulu
14:00 P.M – Matti Gajulu
14:30 P.M – Mathrudevobhava
15:00 P.M – Movie

Bhagyarekha Telugu tv serial
Bhagyarekha Telugu tv serial

prime time schedule

18:00 P.M – Parathigatana
18:30 P.M – Akka Mogudu
19:00 P.M – Rendu Rellu Aaru
19:30 P.M – Roja
20:00 P.M – Pournami
20:30 P.M – Bhagyarekha
21:00 P.M – Kalyani
21:30 P.M – Nandhini
22:00 P.M – Thasmath Jagratha

sun nxt app streaming gemini tv programs online
sun nxt app streaming gemini tv programs online


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