Sada Nimmondige Srujan Lokesh Special Episode On Udaya TV – This Sunday at 9.00 P.M

Selling Bhelpuri Is An Art – Srujan Lokesh Sada Nimmondige This Sunday At 9.00 P.M

Sadaa Nimmondige Srujan Lokesh Episode On Udaya TV
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Sadaa Nimmondige Srujan Lokesh Episode On Udaya TV

In last week’ss episode of Sada Nimmondige Roaring Star Sri Murali raised fund of Rs. 1,55,000/- to Late farmer Mahatesh family by churning sugarcane in the streets of Chamrajpet. In this coming week episode Talking Star “ Srujan Lokesh had braved the scorching heat to raise funds for Nagesh who lost his both hands and one leg due to electrical shock during building construction.

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When on the job, Srujan started for the first from his School, National School “ Basavangudi. Srujan did his schooling from National School and since from his childhood he always carried a dream of selling Pani puri. This task really made his dream come true where he prepared pani puri’ss to his school teachers and students for the great cause to help beneficiary Nagesh. During this process Srujan even took us to his class rooms and shared his school life memories. Following this Srujan stepped his foot out from Basavangudi to Chamrajpet Brahmin Cafe by calling out for Bhelpuri on the roads by hauling Bhelpuri cart.

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Srujan thoroughly entertained everyone with his or her requests. Cashing in on his popularity, the actor charged Rs 50 for every autograph, selfies, and Rs 20 for every handshake. He also posed for pictures, danced and mouthed dialogues of his popular apart from dishing out Bhelpuri. Do tune into Udaya TV, Sadaa Nimmondhige this week episode to watch how Srujan Lokesh prepared Bhelpuri, entertained the gathered fans and how much he earned to support Nagesh’ss family.

Do tune into Udaya TV, Sadaa Nimmondige this week episode at 9 PM.

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