star pravah shows online through the free application hotstar – watch it online

download and install hotstar app – watch your favorite star pravah shows online

star pravah shows online
star pravah shows online

Now you can enjoy all your favorite marathi shows and serials online through the app hotstar. star pravah is one of the popular marathi language general entertainment channel. we have posted here about the hotstar app and the download options. you can enjoy all your favorite marathi serials online through hotstar app.!/star-pravah-819 is the link of star pravah in

List of star pravah shows available on hotstar app


be dune daha, devyani, durva jayostute, lagori – maitri returns, lakshya, manasicha chitrakaar toh, priti pari tujvari, pudhcha paaul, runji etc.

Schedule of Programs on Star Pravah Channel

09:30 A.MVithu Mauli
10:00 A.MNakalat Sare Ghadale
10:30 A.MGoth
11:00 A.MLek Majhi Ladki
11:30 A.MKulaswamini
12:00 P.MNakalat Sare Ghadale
12:30 P.MGoth
01:00 P.MVithu Mauli
01:30 P.MDuheri
02:00 P.MKulaswamini
02:30 P.MGoth
03:00 P.MDuheri
03:30 P.MNakalat Sare Ghadale
04:00 P.MVithu Mauli
04:30 P.MKulaswamini
05:00 P.MDuheri
05:30 P.MLek Majhi Ladki
06:00 P.MGoth
06:30 P.MPudhacha Paaul
07:00 P.MVithu Mauli
07:30 P.MNakalat Sare Ghadale
08:00 P.MKulaswamini
08:30 P.MDuheri
09:00 P.MLek Majhi Ladki
09:30 P.MGoth
10:00 P.MVithu Mauli
10:30 P.MNakalat Sare Ghadale

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