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Vijay TV Serials List – Story line For the Week 14th to 18th December 2015

Vijay TV Serials

Vijay TV Serials

Kalathu Veedu at 6.30 P.M On Vijay TV – Ponrasu vanishes after panchayat’s insult. People find a dead body and doubt its ponarasu’s body, Ponrasu’s wife is agitated. Panjavarnam uses this situation and gives a complaint against Karnan and gets him arrested. Sivan refuses to go to the police station for Karnan’s bail. The family questions as to why he didn’t go to police station. Sivan narrates the story. (Twenty years back) A corrupted police officer kills Pattathi’s father for protesting against illicit liquor, Angered by this, Pattathi’s brother kills the police officer. Pattathi requests Sivankalai never go to the police station.

Kalyanam Mudhal Kadhal Varai 7.00 P.M – Priya cooks lunch for Arjun; Jai informs Arjun about Sukanya meeting Eashwar. Priya explains about the importance of first love, Arjun gets irritated and leaves. Pooja asks Arjun why he is sad and Arjun tells her that he fought with Priya. Pooja tells Arjun to gift a card and apologize and she tells him to design his own card for Priya. Dhanam teases Arjun for designing such a childish card. Arjun is selected as the Chamber president the organization arranges for a party, Ashok tries to use Vaishali as a trap. Arjun decides to help Priya tie her saree and learns how to tie saree. Priya finds it difficult to eat and Arjun feeds her. Ashok tells Vandana to get ready for the party. Arjun is confused about tying saree. Priya comes in saree and Arjun is in awe. Eashwar comes with Sukanya and Arjun warns him not to come into his life. Ashok tries to flirt with Vaishali, Vandana gets furious. Arjun decides to help Priya to apply medicine but Priya feels a lot of pain. The doctor advises Arjun to please her with words so she wouldn’t feel the pain, Arjun tells Priya that he loves her a lot, after applying the medicine he tells her that he simply bluffed, Priya feels embarrassed.

Andaal Azhagar 7:30 P.M – Vadivu and Revathi sends out Andal from home.Murugesan comes to know that Andal has left and gets tensed. He fights with everyone at home. Revathi threatens him that if Andaal returns back, all the family members will walk out. Murugesan is speechless At the police station, inspector informs that no one in Murugesan’s family can become as a victim for the case. Divya gives an idea to Azhagar that Andaal is the only victim who can tell the truth against Shakthi. In the meanwhile, Revathi starts vomitting. Everyone comes to know that she is pregnant and all are shocked.

Deivam Thantha Veedu 8.00 P.M – Banumathi tries to know it through nurse Mala, Nurse misunderstands that Chitra is the one who wanted to know the gender of the baby.Police enquires Mala about getting bribe and revealing scan results, she tells police it was Chitra who gave her money. The police arrests Chitra.Sita finds that it is Banumathi who bribed the nurse; Banumathi apologizes to Sita and tells her a way to bring Chitra out.Banumathi gives a sweet box to Inspector, Sita enters the police station saying Inspector has taken bribe, she opens the sweet box and there is money inside. She explains to the inspector that this is how Chitra was trapped.Chitra gets released. Banumathi once again apologizes to Sita, Sita tells her that it is Chitra who has to forgive her.

Saravanan Meenakshi 8.30 P.M – At a lease, Vettaiyan takes the land opposite to Thamizh. He gifts the land to touglas to stand on his own. Vettaiyan puts a case in panchayat that the house in which Thamizh is living is his grandfathers and hence he has to be allowed to enter the house. Grandma agrees and tells Vettaiyan to come to that house and gives him a room. Sudha talks to Vettaiyan about his re marriage. Vettaiyan gets settled at Thamizh’s house. Meenatchi and Vettaiyan shares hatred when they meet at home.

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